Darci Lang Focus on the 90%
August 2017 — Celebrate the Ones You Love

Let me introduce you to an incredible woman I met this year named Nicole. Nicole is one of those women you meet and you instantly want to be friends with. Nicole shared with me her story to celebrate the ones you love and I felt so compelled to share her story with you! I ask you to share in the challenge. The challenge is that you would plan something this summer for someone you love.

From Nicole: "My dad is an amazing man who is a walking miracle. This winter he was coming up to his 10 year anniversary of surviving Stage 4 Glioblastoma — an aggressive form of brain cancer. Then suddenly his health changed and he found out that his time on this earth was very limited. My dad said, “I have accepted that I am dying. But I want to know why everyone I love gets together for a great meal and celebrates me after I am gone? Why can't I go?” I had no idea what to say...it was a very good question. So in that moment, where my dad could have been overwhelmed with grief he instead decided to celebrate his life and to continue living in the 90%.

So we went into planning mode. There were three celebrations of his life. They were small groups so Dad could spend time with everyone. There were beautifully catered meals with special touches and time for each person to have their photo taken with Dad.

After the celebration meal we all sat together and watched a slideshow of Dad’s life. Instead of it being sad, it was an opportunity for everyone to share memories. There was tons of laughter, lots of smiles and tears were fine too! Everyone has talked about being so grateful to share a special meal with Dad, to tell him how much he meant to them and to celebrate his life. There were no awkward conversations.

We should not wait until people die or have a terminal diagnosis to let them know the impact they have had in this world. Let’s start celebrating the ones we love right now.

Love, Nicole."

Nicole’s dad is right, why do we wait until people are gone to celebrate them? I took Nicole up on her challenge and I have a huge party planned for my dad! Tell me what you have planned?