Parkland College

Thank you Parkland College for showing your staff how much you appreciate them. Our time together was so wonderful.

Winter fun

Don’t forget to start making a plan for fun this winter! What would more joy and happiness look like? Stop talking about the winter you are dreading and talk about the winter you are planning.

Early snow background, climate changing concept. Scenic morning landscape with autumn bright color trees and street covered by fresh first snow in the private houses residential neighborhood. Fallen leaves on a vet road. Madison, Wisconsin, Midwest USA.

Showing Up

I have been speaking and training for 27 years and I have a very strict pre-presentation mantra. I make sure that at least two days before my event I am well rested and I eat only healthy food for maximum energy. I rehearse, prepare and memorize the company information. I wake up very early and I slowly get ready. I get my mind in a very focused place with meditation and mental and physically exercises to help me remember names, details and protect myself from anyone negative. I arrive early to the empty banquet room and set out my materials with intention. I prepare the room with sage and stress reducing essential oil. I meet, greet, shake hands, hug, eat with audience members. Then I take the stage.
Now? I sit down to a laptop on my desk.
I realized I need to bring some of the pre-presentation elements to my virtual events and it makes a huge difference on how I “show up.”
What can you do better to bring your best self to your virtual presentations and meetings? What would you do differently if you were live?

Women of Enbridge Toronto!

Thank you, Women of Enbridge Toronto, for inviting me to be a part of your event.  I have been blessed to work with Enbridge “live” across the country and it was fun to share in my new webinar format. Don’t cancel your staff events, move to virtual!

Not only do we have some wonderful interactive polls and chat rooms during the presentation, the feedback from those interactive questions can be used later one!  What if you took the feedback from the webinar and built a winter campaign around it?   It is wonderful to host a webinar but what can we do to keep positive messages alive?  We can help!

Darci’s Booster: Look Up

About 4pm everyday my dog Holly arrives in my home office and looks at me like, “Ok, that’s enough work, I am ready for my walk.”

I pat her sweet head, close down my computer, change out of my webinar friendly outfit and grab her leash. I leave work on my desk and dishes in the sink as I look past the dirty floor and just go.

I hurry past my children’s cars in the driveway and I feel sad that their plans have changed because of Covid. I feel strangely mentally exhausted from connecting with audience members through a camera on a laptop. Though I am embracing my new normal, I miss real human beings. I feel heavy as I pass some of my neighbors’ homes, knowing that some of them are suffering. I feel sad. I missed seeing my extended family this Thanksgiving. 10%s. I feel myself looking down.

And then…I look up. I start to smile. I feel the warm, fall sun on my sun-screened face. I relax my jaw and I lower my shoulders. I breathe deeply. I look up. The fall leaves are simply magical. I feel my feet on the ground, I hear the crunching leaves and I move my focus. I look forward with love at Holly looking back at me with excitement, like this is the first walk we have ever been on. I let gratitude wash over me. I become fully present about what is beautiful around me. Right now. This moment. And then I walk back home, slowly.

I bless my neighbors with prayers. I don’t want to let a day go by without remembering to do something kind for others. I pass the cars on the driveway and smile feeling grateful everyone is healthy and safe. I am home. Truly home. I refocused back on the 90%s and what I am grateful for. Grateful for what is good, today.

I put my hand on my front doorknob. I smile, I soften and then I enter with gratitude.

Since March 13, I have taken over 150 walks. I love walking. It is healing.

I can’t wait to see Holly again tomorrow at 4pm. She is my constant reminder to, look up.


I just got off the phone with Jodi at RBC and she is celebrating Friendsgiving today with her team. They are meeting virtually and each team member has been treated to a Skip the Dishes lunch. The team will eat, meet and celebrate together.
Friendsgiving. Wow.
What are you doing to thank your teams during this thankful month?

Thank You Syngenta

My second webinar yesterday was with Syngenta.  Thank you Syngenta for investing in your people and for including me in your event.