Connect 2019

Hey there! I was at the “Connect 2019” conference and I just wanted to tell you that your talk meant a lot to me. It made me realize that I had lost my positivity somewhere along the way and it’s time to get it back! You were great and your talk was exactly what I needed! I have been wishing that I was on a plane with you every morning! Lol I was telling my 13yr old daughter about your talk and for Mother’s Day she made me a “Focus on the 90% – Not the 10%” painting to hang in my bathroom! Your words will forever be in the forefront of my day! Thank you ☺️

Yahoo a long weekend!

I am a very unplugged person. I do not get any notifications on my computer while I am working. I only receive text notifications my cell phone. (I have teenagers so this is how we communicate.) I am only on Facebook professionally, not personally as I this is not the way that I want to spend my time. I would rather have you come over for a visit! Of course, our technology has helped our businesses in so many ways, but it has also overwhelmed us.
I have been beyond blessed to have worked with the same admin assistant Sandra for 26 years. Sandra literally runs my office. I am so grateful to have her support. Having her allows me to unplug when I need to.
I have a wonderful creative, busy brain. I cannot switch gears back and forth from my work to my personal life. If I check a few emails in the evening, I am gone mentally for an hour.
Unplugging is hard for people I know. Some of you are on call, some of you have a demanding boss who expects you to be available at all times. It is essential to find ways to create more times away from technology. Overworking and being overly “plugged in” didn’t start overnight, so easing away from technology won’t happen overnight either.
Put boundaries around your technology. We have always had a no cell phones at dinner rule. What about if everyone turned off their phones for an hour an evening? What if you didn’t bring your laptop home on the weekends? Slowly start to phase away from work. Slowly start to regain peace in your life.
I had my cell phone stolen right out of my beach bag on the second day of our two-week vacation. Once the shock wore off, it was wonderful. It reminded me what I did before I had a phone and how many times a day, I would reach for it.
I wear a watch. I know, old school. But I wear one so I don’t have to look at my phone to see what time it is.
I meet a lot of overworked people. I know if they just learned to unplug, they would be a lot happier.
Have a great long weekend!!

Otter Co-op

I have been to a lot of places but I have not been to Aldergrove, BC, before and I am at the beautiful Poppy Golf Course. Gosh, I have the best job in the world! I travel, see beautiful places and work with kind people.
Otter Co-op is celebrating its 97th year in business and I got to tour the original building. I love the back story of businesses and learning where they started. We all started somewhere; let’s not forget where that was.
Co-op is such an asset in your community and if you are fortunate to have one, shop there!

Otter Co-op

Off to Aldergrove, BC, today to speak to Otter Co-op’s Leadership team.
Co-op people are truly some of the nicest people you have ever met. I will never been treated better than I am by a Co-op CEO and their leadership team. Their kindness is unmatched. Jack the CEO is no exception, he even invited me to a meal at his cabin with his family? What? Who does that for a speaker? So kind.

SaskGaming part 2

Traveled to Moose Jaw today to speak to the other half of the SaskGaming staff! Nothing better than a sunny quiet drive alone.
There are a lot of crosses in the ditch on the drive from Regina to Moose Jaw. Crosses decorated by the families of those who have lost someone on that road. Not only is it a reminder to drive safely but a reminder that someone else’s life is far more stressful than mine is today.
Take a deep breath and be grateful. Grateful you are healthy enough to be at work.


I am in my own city today with SaskGaming at the beautiful Casino Regina. For all of you who have a company who cares enough about you to feed you a meal, give you a company update and bring in a speaker – you are very fortunate!! Sometimes staff come to these events with their magnifying glass on the 10% and I remind them, not every Casino hosts a day like this!
Thank you, Ryan and the Casino Regina.


I first ran this story in 2011 and wanted to share it with you again.

My mom and I never had a perfect relationship. But is any relationship perfect? We had a rough start. My mom got pregnant with me at 16 years old. My dad raised me in the early seventies. My mom remarried twice, had a family of her own and I only saw her on holidays. I always wanted to be closer to my mom but it was like we never knew how to be close. When I was pregnant with our first child 18 years ago, I knew I needed to talk to my mom about my feelings. I had never had a real conversation with my mom. I was so worried I would bring some of my unfinished “10%” feelings into my own motherhood role. I really did want to be closer to this woman I felt I hardly knew.

I invited her for a visit and a walk. I was very nervous as we started walking and I told her that my hope for this walk was to be closer to her. I wanted to get to know this woman and hear her side, something I had never heard. We walked for hours. For the first time in my life, I was having a real conversation with my mom. She told me stories of hard it was to leave me, her fears when she lost her leg in a motorcycle accident and her journey with breast cancer. We laughed, we cried, we fought and we bonded. I will never forget that walk.

Shortly after, she sent me a letter saying she would try hard to be my mom, but to be patient because she really didn’t know how to be. She wrote she would give as much as she could but didn’t know how much that would be. I wrote back promising her that I would try not to have unrealistic expectations. I would meet her where she was at, not where I wished she would be. I would see her through my 90% lens. It was the start of a much closer relationship. It wasn’t always easy being her daughter…but sometimes it wasn’t easy being my mom either.

That summer was the best. I have never felt so close to my mom. Our visits were full of love and laughter. Watching all of her amazing grandchildren in her yard made her the “happiest woman in the world”. Her grandchildren all called her “Umma”. I never left our visits without a hug, I love you and she ALWAYS said, “You know I am very proud of you right?” I left our last fun summer visit with a bag full of unripe tomatoes from her garden and I feeling like I was finally connecting with my mom like I always prayed I would.

A week after our last summer visit my beautiful mom died suddenly. She was only 59 years old.

There are layers of lessons I could write about. A lesson in communication and how important it is to be brave enough to say what we need to say to those we love. And a lesson in expectations. Sometimes we expect a relationship to be how we want it to be; in the meantime, we miss out on all the 90%s. A lesson in forgiveness. I wrote in my book that “My mom taught me forgiveness. Life is too short to carry around the burdens that do not bless your life or the life of others”. Every time I came home from our visits this summer I would say, “Wow that is the best visit I have ever had.” Thank God for those peaceful happy memories.

I went my mom’s funeral feeling that nothing was left unsaid. I came home to her unripe tomatoes. My girlfriend said, “If I could choose the way I might leave this world and my loved ones, it would be with nothing left unsaid and tomatoes ripening on the counter.”

Happy Mother’s day!

Alberta College of Medical Diagnostic and Therapeutic Technologists!

I am in Edmonton to spend the morning with 450 Alberta College of Medical Diagnostic and Therapeutic Technologists! This is their annual Connect 2019 Conference.
I will deliver the keynote address and then another deeper dive workshop to really help to apply the Focus on the 90% message.
Like most industries, healthcare is dealing with a lot of change! Focusing on what you can control in your day greatly affects how we are treated by health care professionals. Have you ever been served by someone who seemed tired and overwhelmed? Guess what – they are tired and overwhelmed!
In times of change and stress, we need to treat ourselves kindly first. Get proper sleep, eat well, exercise and quiet our busy brains. Then we can be kind to those we work with. I can tell the second I walk into an area of a hospital whether or not the staff get along. That lack of kindness ripples to the patients they serve.
We need to choose to treat ourselves and others kindly during our day. It will strongly affect how kind we are to the people that we love when we get home at the end of our day.

Living the 90%

I am officially done my second book! Living the 90% will be released this month!

This is the opening chapter of my book and it summarizes what my March writing month was like!

It’s been eleven years since I wrote the first edition of Focus on the 90%. I have the most adorable picture of my then five-year-old son holding the first copy of my book. People often ask me, “What took you so long to write your second book?” To which I reply, “Well, I was busy raising my family and living my epic life.” Yet I always knew that there was another book sitting in my soul just waiting to be revealed.

I am inspired by people, places, and life in general. I love Wayne Dyer’s books. Wayne would go to his home in Maui to write. He would take a month off and focus only on writing while sitting in his beautiful Hawaiian home. I also took a month off, during one the coldest months we have ever had in Saskatchewan. I would wear wool socks and layers of clothing as I typed away on the keyboard, tea at hand. I wrote twelve hours a day with life happening all around me. I would try and keep the teenagers and their friends quiet so I could focus. I had a terrible cold, the snow started to melt and the dog poop started to thaw in the yard. I smiled as I wrote and thought, “Not quite Maui.”

Focus on the 90% showed you how to see your life through a lens of positivity and gratitude. This book will show you how to truly live that message.


I can’t stop thinking about my Paramedics group last week and what a difficult and important job they have. We should be so grateful that people step up to a job that takes such courage.
Jacqueline asked the group at the start of the day to always remember WHY they do what they do. I have been thinking a lot about that. Why? Why do we do what we do? Once you can answer that question that becomes your 90%. The reason WHY you chose the job you have. It is very easy to slip and see the 10% of what we do not like in our jobs and careers. What resets us? Not only a 90% list to read when we have a bad day but a clear vision of why we do what we do.
WHY do you do what you do? Will the answer help to reset you on a bad day?