Could we be happy anyway?

I am writing my third book right now called “Embrace the 90%”. It challenges us to ask the question, “Could we be happy anyway?” No matter what is happening in our lives, could we embrace the great parts despite our 10%s?

Could we?

Regardless of what is happening in the world, at our jobs, among our coworkers, with our families, or within our own personal challenges…could we dig deep and still find happiness during the hardships? Could we be happy anyway?

My life has 10%s. Being a motivational speaker has taught me the power of being happy anyway. No matter what is happening in my life, 90% or 10%, I have to do my big hair, go out the door, and be happy. I am learning more and more about how other 90% people have this amazing ability to be internally happy, no matter what is happening around them. Some of the happiest, most joyful people I encounter every week have gone through, or are going through, very big 10% challenges; yet, they are still…happy.

Being a happy person in the world has taught me that if you are happy, people think you don’t have any problems. Guess what? Happy people have problems too! Trust me. The difference is, we choose to be happy. What’s the alternative? Choosing to be unhappy is not an option for me; I don’t have a job that allows me to be grumpy or miserable. I wonder how much that has trained my brain to embrace the good.

Despite your 10% challenge right now, could you be happy anyway? Could you pick up your 90% lens and embrace what is good?

Happy Valentine’s Day!


After a very blessed busy 2020 – already!! I am leaving today with a group of friends and teenagers for Hawaii!! I will find many things to be happy about!

I will be unplugging for a couple of weeks to regroup and recharge.

Aloha, the traditional Hawaiian greeting, written in the sand of a Hawaiian beach, with a traditional Frangipani flower

MacKay CEO Forums

Thank you so much MacKay CEO Forums for a wonderful morning with some of our province’s top CEOs. It is always so interesting to me that the leaders who invest the most in themselves are the best leaders I meet. The leaders who need leadership training are rarely the ones who seek it out!

It was an honor to spend time with people who care so much about the impact their leadership has on others.

Lakeland Co-op

Thank you Lakeland Co-op for a great end to my blessed week of presentations. Truly a great wrap up!

Great story! Be kind.

Thank you to my friend Kevin for this story. It is long but so worth the read. Look at the faces of this beautiful young family as you remind yourself of the importance to be kind to others.

Meet Marty from Sound Dogs.

Marty was the AV person at my Meadow Lake event yesterday. I meet AV people across this country and Marty did an excellent job!

Not only was everything perfect with the AV he was very, very kind and easy to work with.

Meadow Lake Co-op

Thank you Meadow Lake Co-op for an action packed day!
I did a workshop with half of the Co-op team members, delivered a Chamber of Commerce luncheon presentation then spoke to the other half of the Co-op team!

What a 90% day

Thank You!

I’ve been thinking about my time with the Parole Board of Canada and one of the many things we shared in our workshops was the importance of deflecting the stress in a difficult job. For those of you in parole, corrections, policing, social services, caring for and protecting adults, children and animals, it’s very important that your personal life is a balance to the stress that is in your work life. Build your life outside of work filled with healthy activities, read positive books, listen to positive podcasts as you go to and from work, have hobbies that bring you joy and make sure you spend quality, loving, balanced time with family and friends.
An extra thank you to all of you who serve in these tough jobs.

Thank You handwritten inscription. Hand drawn lettering. Thank You calligraphy. Thank you card. Vector illustration. Slogan

Parole Board of Canada

Thank you so much to the Parole Board of Canada – Saskatoon and Edmonton locations for a great couple of days of giving back to people who do so much for others!