Unplug for Quality Time

Have a wonderful long weekend! UNPLUG and enjoy. I know I will!!

This excerpt from my book really sums up my feelings.

Quantity Vs Quality

It’s not as much about quantity as it is about quality. Why not make your errands opportunities to be together and to connect? I love grocery shopping on a Tuesday evening. No one is in the store and we grab food to eat for supper as we visit along the way.

Make driving to sports and activities, and waiting for games to start a time to connect with your children. It doesn’t always have to be about board games and focused time. Write notes in their lunches. Send emails and texts telling them you are proud of them. Make bits of time count everyday.

I was asked in an interview what I thought were the greatest gifts a parent can give their child and my answers were patience, unconditional love and quality time.

Happy Thoughts

Last week, while I was speaking at the Western Development Museum in North Battleford, they had this amazing oven on display in the lobby.  We take so much for granted with our modern appliances!

I thought it was really cool because the iron on the cooking surface was stamped with “Happy Thought”!

I guess that was to remind the people cooking to have happy thoughts. Very cool.

Calgary Public Workhops

I am in beautiful Calgary, Alberta, today hosting another Public Seminar where Calgarians have spend the morning or afternoon with me. Thank you, Calgary, for caring enough about your staff, or yourself! to spend a half day with me.

Nothing in your life will change unless you change the person in the mirror. Pick something that is holding you back from being happy and start to change that. Google what your greatest 10%, your greatest stress is and start healing.

Attending seminars, reading books and joining support groups could change your focus from 10% to 90%.


Spending time with your family and children brings a sense of balance to our lives. It  reminds us that the best things in life aren’t things.”

Author unknown

Final Reminder

Darci’s Calgary workshop May 16 – Final Reminder


Darci’s powerful “Focus on the 90%” workshop coming to Calgary next week.

You can find all the details below or click this video link www.darcilang.com/Public_Session_Attendee.html to hear how Darci can help…


Discovery Co-op

I am in sunny North Battleford, SK, with Discovery Co-op manager Mike Nord. Mike and I worked together at a co-op in Manitoba years ago. So grateful to be invited back!

You’re at home here is Co-op’s brand. Mike toured me around his Co-op locations and even took me for lunch before I spoke!

I am an invited guest when I speak to your company. I feel very at home here!!