Sunshine Meditation

I use this quick mindful meditation to either start my day or end my day, and sometimes both! It is something I have found to be simple and help me recharge mentally and physically. You can add in or adjust this however you feel called to. Adding in affirmations before the gratitude portion can be very empowering and uplifting as well!

I hope you find this helpful and enjoy it as much as I do!
Amanda Moser

Stand softly with your chest and palms open, facing sunlight. Taking slow and controlled breath’s, feel the sunlight washing over you starting at the top of your head and flowing down to your feet. Feel it energizing your body as you imagine the golden sunlight flowing up one side of your spine and down the other. If you are doing this at sunrise or sunset, what other colors are in the sky that you can cleanse your body with?

Continue your slow and controlled breath’s as you then imagine roots coming out from your feet and flowing into the earth. Feeling the loving mother earth energy come up through your roots and into your body. Filling your body with peaceful and loving green light.

Now flowing with your breath, say softly “thank you” as many times as you are guided. Feeling gratitude fill your chest and flow into the rest of your body and the space around you.

Mindfully bring your hands into prayer pose and bow your head, and softly say “thank-you” one last time. Noticing your body and how you feel in this moment.

You can come back to this space as often as you need to throughout the day.

Winnipeg Public Workshop

Do you live in the Winnipeg area? Looking for new ideas on how to build stronger relationships at home and at work? Want to help create a more positive work environment?
Darci Lang’s workshop can help!

Here are the details:
When: November 14, 2019, Choose from 2 sessions: 9:00 – 12:00 noon or 1:30 – 4:30 pm; Coffee and snacks provided
Where: Marriott Residence Hotel, 1305 Ellice Ave.
Tickets: Early-bird $149 + GST — Save 25% until October 9th
How to register: Complete the form at or call 306 569-1354

Do It!

In my “Living the 90% book Chapter 6 #1 is Make a list.
At women’s conferences, I ask women to write down
nine things that make them happy. Nine things that do
not cost money and are legal. Some laugh and say,
“Well, now I can’t think of anything!” But seriously,
what do you do that brings you joy?
Make a list of what makes you happy. Right now. Just
take your phone, your computer or write it out below.
Why? Because sometimes we forget. Sometimes in the
midst of our lives, we forget what we used to do that
made us happy. Life happened. We had children, we
cared for sick parents, we got a new job, we lost
people, we dealt with the crisis. Then we just
Now make a list of what would make you happy this summer and go do it!

Summer Reading List

Looking for something to read this summer? Darci’s new book – Living the 90% is a great read that will give you a fresh start on the rest of the summer and your fall!

Brandon Public Workshop

Save the date and get your tickets early!
Darci is bringing her popular Focus on the 90% workshop to Brandon, October 24, 2019, 9:00am – 12:00 noon or 1:30 – 4:30pm.


A positive attitude is at the heart of your personal and professional success. It helps you work well with others and better serve clients. It keeps you motivated and productive during challenging times. It helps you to feel happier and more fulfilled at work and have something left for friends and family when you get home.

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The Sweet Escape

I love decorating magazines and love what “Style at Home” had to say this

The sweet escape
What does the notion of a summer escape mean to you? Is it a beach vacation? A glamping trip? A cottage in the mountains? Or maybe, quite simply, it’s a few uninterrupted hours puttering in your own backyard.
The concept is basic, wherever your happy place happens to be: The “Canadian Oxford Dictionary” defines escape as “a temporary relief from reality or worry.” Those seven words hit the nail on the head, don’t they? We all know that we need to get away from the day to day sometimes and find some peace. The fact is, it’s good for us. And when you combine that feeling of bliss with summertime, well…no more words are needed.


At Westview Co-op and they have been honoured with the Excellence in Brand Development within the Co-op retailing system!!
I can’t wait to spend the day with this “excellent” group.

Westview Co-op

If you have followed me for a while, you know I am a HUGE Co-op fan. Well today I get to spend my last week of work with Westview Co-op in Olds, Alberta. Thank you Dave Brown for caring about your staff and inviting me to speak!

It says a lot about a company who keeps the youth of their community working for them. I keep telling my 17 year old son John and his friends – you need to work at Co-op!! I have met some exceptional young people, just like them, who have moved up in the Co-op system and have wonderful careers.