Ontario Events!

If you’re in Ontario, you won’t want to miss attending one of these two exciting events in April.
Bonnechere Manor https://www.facebook.com/events/s/living-your-best-life-bonneche/538764013665127/

Miramichi Lodge https://www.facebook.com/events/s/living-your-best-life-miramich/469537610379947/

Have a great weekend!


I love kind people. The world needs more kind people. Some of the kindest people I meet are the local caterers in small town Saskatchewan.

Meet Jan. Jan catered our lunch at the Unity Credit Union this week. She is one of the nicest people I have ever met and she catered a simply delicious homemade lunch. When you travel as much as I do homemade food is one of the greatest gifts!

She told me the story of courageously going out on her own to open her own catering company and how she blesses the food before she serves it.

I warned her I might go home with her and stay there for a week! Don’t we all need someone to feed and care for us?

Thank you Jan.

Ministry of Highways and Intrastructure

Back in Regina today with the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure. I’m grateful to be from this province and grateful for everyone who keeps our highways and infrastructure working well. A suggestion I have for those of us who are on highways all the time and even those who do a lot of city driving is to make sure your phone is full of podcasts of positive messages. Pick the biggest 10% in your life right now, the thing that is the biggest stress for you and find podcasts that will assist you as you drive, that have something that will help you and something positive.

Unity Credit Union

Speaking in the beautiful, brand new building of Unity Credit Union today. Unity Credit union is one of the few single location credit unions. Grateful to be here today with such a dedicated bunch.


Good morning I’m on my way to Unity SK today to speak to one of my favourite – a credit union! As I drive I’m looking at the farm houses and I’m reminded of the message I gave the farmers at CropSphere last week. 2019 was a very difficult year for agriculture so I reminded the farmers that in difficult times to focus on what they can control. I challenged them to not only clean up their barns, their shops and get their machinery working and any home renovations they might have but I also challenged them to make sure they are well themselves. It’s important in difficult 10% times that we do not self-sabotage and that we take good care of ourselves. Maybe we need to eat better, sleep better, stop drinking, stop smoking, take a break from Facebook, take a break from social media and the news, and focus on doing something that is going to keep us well and happy instead. Have a wonderful Tuesday.


Being an entrepreneur means it is easy to work on what we have to get done day to day to run our business. It can be a lot harder to do what we WANT to do to enhance our businesses. Today I have taken the day to tape a new promo video and more YouTube videos with my favorite Saskatchewan videographer, Curtis Anderson. I pride myself on doing as much business in Saskatchewan as I can!
Stay tuned!


In Saskatoon at Cropsphere! Nothing like spending the day with 800 producers! Thank you so much Tracy and your team for choosing a local speaker!

Bob Hooey

This is an interview for the www.AlbertaSpeakers.com YouTube which also serves www.SaskSpeakers.com and other jv sites

Bob ‘Idea Man’ Hooey is the creator of Alberta Speakers and other joint venture speaker promotion sites. His mission in life is to encourage people to move out of their comfort zones into the winner’s zone. He is a global speaker whose speaking has allowed him to visit 61 countries on 6 continents, so far. www.ideaman.net

Busy day today

At CTV Television taping a segment talking about mental health for Bell “Lets Talk” day on January 29th.
Then a zoom interview with my CAPS Colleague and friend Bob Hooey about Sask Speakers and off to Saskatoon to speak at Cropshere!
Have a great chilly day.