It is so beautiful to see the combines on the field during harvest in Saskatchewan. Good luck my agricultural friends! I hope you tell others how proud you are to have a job that feeds the world! Thank you. (PS thanks Aunt Cindy for these great pictures of your farm!!)


In my interview with Tracy yesterday at The Farm Impact Magazine, she asked, “You make the observation that two people can be in the exact same situation but yet have dramatically different results, how can that be?”
My answer was, “You have two farmers with the exact same amount of land, animals and equipment and the only thing that is different is their mindset. I don’t care how big the farm is or how much you make, what I care about is… are you happy? Did you create a life for yourself that makes you so happy that that your happiness ripples to the people who work with you and then home to your family? Are your staff happy? Is your family? I have a three times complain rule. I do not complain about anything more than three times without asking myself, “What can I do to change this? What would be a solution?”
Two different people, two different focuses. The first one stays stuck on the 10%, the problems without personally challenging themselves to change. The second one decides, enough. I know nothing in my life will not change if I do not change the person in the mirror. And then, they make the couragous decision to do what is necessary to make themselves happy.

Interview with Tracy at The Farm Impact Magazine

Thank you, Tracy at The Farm Impact Magazine, for a great interview today – you were so wonderful to work with! One of the questions Tracy asked was, “What is one thing you want readers take away from your books?”
My answer was, “I want my readers to know the power of choice. We can choose to wake up each day and ask ourselves, what is good today? What am I grateful for? Or we can choose to look for what is bad. When a negative thought pops into your head (and lately there are a lot of 10%’s to think about!), acknowledge that thought and say to yourself, “Ok that is real and that is terrible. I am going to process how I feel and what I need to do to move through it.” Then move your magnifying glass to something you are grateful for and ask, “What is good?” Train your brain to find something positive. Focusing on and constantly looking for the 90%’s has transformed not only my thinking, but my entire life.

Weyburn Credit Union

Thank you, Weyburn Credit Union, for a great webinar today and purchasing books for your staff!

What a great way to connect with your team, show them how much you care for them and to thank them for all of their hard work in this difficult work environment.


My New Way!

Totally embracing my new webinar way of presenting!  Who knew I would now be doing that most of the fall too!?  Sure, I would rather in front of a live audience and I sure miss traveling, but I have chosen to see my new reality with a fresh new perspective. Why fight what you cannot change?  Learn to accept it and move on!  It will make us old, tired and unhappy sitting around complaining about what we can not change.

Train Your Brain

Every time you think a negative, fearful or anxious thought acknowledge that thought. Say “I feel worried”. Then right away spin that thought to a positive affirmation, “I know that whatever happens I will be ok.” It is the brains natural instinct to search for the negative let’s teach our brains to be more positive.

Where is My Attention?

As you start your week ask yourself, “Where is my attention?” The mind reacts to what you focus on. For this week, let’s move our attention and focus to what is good, right and positive.

Detach and Embrace

I have spent a lot of time this summer learning to embrace what is (the new 90%) and detach from what I do not have control over (10%). Do you need to embrace yet another new reality as fall approaches? Do you need to detach from any feelings you have had about COVID so far?

Like a New Year!

As the calendar flips to September it feels like a New Year in our office!
My client asked me today, “How have your days been or as I like to call them DAZE?” Good point. The summer did feel a bit like some days were a daze. One of the many great 90% aspects of working for yourself is you are responsible for your own income. It lights a fire under you. We are back, refocused and ready to go.
How are you feeling?