Please do something this weekend  that brings you joy. Even if it is for 15 minutes. It is important to find happiness in this time.

Watch and read what makes you smile, not what makes you worry.

Crossing off lists

Whew we are really crossing off lists in the office. I have posted 50 new YouTube videos and wanted to share my 10% blooper reel with you!
Check it out:

Pantry Day

Today is pantry day. Darren would tell you life is much easier when I am away.  I know people are suffering right now with no food and we need to edit what we are not eating and donate it. It is simply unreal how much extra we have.  We have donated our extras and we are doing a very strict plan. We are eating perishable first and then we are getting super creative with the many things we have in our pantry.  This is a chance for my entire family to really get that we have enough!!   We are being very very mindful of not buying anything extra.

This will be a good reset for the Lang family on how much we really need.


I walk every day and I rarely pass someone in suburbia Regina. I simply cannot believe how many people are out (social distance) walking. People I have never seen walking in my neighborhood. Spouses and partners, I have never seen walk with their loved ones. Full families walking together that I didn’t even know lived in the neighborhood. That is definitely a 90% right now.


Cleaning together!

Well now everyone in our house is officially laid off and home.  Yikes. We have implemented operation “Less together”.  Let’s not be piled all together in one area of the house.  I am starting to set up a bit of a schedule for the kitchen, the sunny family room etc.  Which also includes a cleaning list which is new for the Langs.  I made a basic list of what needs to be done every day, vacuum, dishwasher etc. Everyone picks one thing to do.

Staying Positive

Replace every instinct you have watch the news, read the paper and look at social media. Darren reads the paper so he gives me a high-level report on what I need to know. That’s all I need. Switch to watching and listening to something that will make you a healthier, better human being.

Be Mindful

As I edit and clean, I am very mindful of what I can do for others right now.   Look around your neighborhood, is there an elderly person you know might need groceries dropped off?  A young family in need?  A child who could use some of your old toys?  I donated eleven garbage bags of toys, clothes and random basement items to someone in need today.  Let’s keep that going.


Thinking of those in Health Care

As I look at my calendar today, I was going to be doing the last minute preparation on six wonderful events in Ontario next week. I could not have been more excited to spend two days with Long Term Care staff and the evenings with amazing local people at Living Your Best Life events. Their amazing Director, Shelley Sheedy sent me an email this morning and this one made me cry. Let’s pray for all of those working in health care and all the people who do not get to see their families right now.