No stress

Shopping at Winners on the weekend (as always!) and saw this bag. So true. Let’s make that our theme for this week and not let stupid drama stress us out!

Have an amazing weekend!

After this blessed two weeks, I will be completely unplugged and enjoying nothing but family time and cold wintery walks with my dog, Holly. Do something this weekend that makes you feel happy.

Dog Jack Russell Terrier and Dog Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. dog’s nose under the blanket dog sleeping and hid


It is a lot of work to be positive, trust me I know. When people say, “Must be nice to be so happy”, I laugh out loud. Being negative is a lot easier than being positive. It is everything I do that helps me to be positive — what I eat, what I drink, who I hang out with, what I watch, read and most certainly the seminars I go to, the books I read and the podcasts I watch.

Thank you to everyone who attending my Regina event today – and you attended! What a wonderful crowd of people who also understand being happy requires us to do the hard work of looking after ourselves first and always filling ourselves with positive messages.

Very grateful you attended.


In Saskatoon today hosting my own public seminar. Thank you to all who invested your time and money to come and spend a half day hearing my 90% message! It’s always interesting to me that positive, energized, successful people are usually the ones who attend my events. Being fulfilled at work, getting along better with others, serving our clients and having something left for our families at the end of the day – is an investment! Going to seminars, reading books and watching podcasts are great ways to fill your toolbox full of all the personal and professional tools you need to become a 90% person. If you don’t change you, nothing in your life will change.

Secret of Great Service Providers

Good Monday everyone. I met these two amazing young women last week at the Sandman Signature Lodge in Lethbridge, Alberta. I meet banquet staff and front desk staff every week and rarely do I meet young women who are so exceptional at their jobs. I asked their secret for being such great customer service providers.

Hailey said it was because she has tried everything and recommends to young people that you try a variety of jobs. This wonderful young woman has been working with the public since she was 14 years old! Such great advice and the advice I give my teenagers. Go wait tables, sweep floors, cook food, go and figure out what you want to do by trying different jobs.

Mackenzie said it was her mom who most impacted her and her mom’s great attitude and loving ways. Another great reminder that we parents set the tone for our children and their outlook on life.

Teamwork Training

Thank you so much Teamwork Training for bringing me back to Lethbridge, Alberta! What an amazing day we had yesterday with 200 local business people and entrepreneurs. Lethbridge you are so blessed to have a company like Teamwork that is so invested in your future by offering wonderful days like today.


After my wonderful morning with Teamwork, I moved into an afternoon training session with the City of Lethbridge. I am always so impressed by cities that spend the money investing in their staff development. It was a wonderful afternoon and a young man came up and asked if he and his wife could make me a picture as a gift. What? How kind is that? I showed him a picture of one of my favorite sayings and he is going to send me that! Wow, I love kind people.

Check out their beautiful signs!

Great advice

Rather than turn a TV on in a hotel (which I literally never do), I will write or watch motivational YouTube videos. I wanted to share this one with you. Great advice from the great Tony Robbins.

Thank you Teamworks!

I just arrived in Lethbridge for three back-to-back events — the first being with Teamworks Training and look at the basket waiting for me in my room! Not only treats but a card signed by all of the staff. What a kind way to be welcomed to Lethbridge!