Thank you so much Cathy for this email today:

Darci, I have a question. How did you come up with the ratio 90/10%. Why not 70/30 or 80/20. Somehow I think that many of us have more than 10% negative in our lives.
My response:
Hi Cathy! LOL. Well, when I started speaking, I wanted to call it 93% vs. 7%, but people told me I was too happy! For sure, there are certainly those whose negatives are far greater than 10%. I know there are many people suffering in many ways these days. If my message doesn’t resonate with those who think that the percentage is high, I hope that it will spark them to find something else that they do resonate with. Maybe not my message, but a start to find more personal development tools to help them.
I am blessed with health today, a job, a cool home on a hot day, adorable pets, a safe province, a safe neighborhood, young adult children navigating their way in the world, and a husband who is my best friend. So when I dig deep, it really is 90% once I start with my health. And yet surprisingly, those who I know who really shine and find the 90%s, some have ENORMOUS 10% challenges — 10%s so big that the world would ask them, “How can you still be happy?” But they are. They are my heroes. Wait until you read my fourth book, Embrace the 90%. I will share even more reasons why life is truly, 90% good.

Background. Concept: The sun always shines after the rain. Rain drops on the glass and sunshine in the clouds. Sky after the storm. Day. Summer. Spring. Beauty of nature.

Thank you Churchbridge Credit Union

Thank you, Churchbridge Credit Union, for a wonderful webinar. I have a photographic memory and I take a mental picture of every event that I speak at. I could close my eyes as I waited for our webinar to start yesterday and remember the room and the Churchbridge crowd from 2017! If you have met me, you know I like to go around the room to meet and greet. I have coffee and lunch with as many people as I can. Chat has become my new way of connecting virtually. It is amazing how kindness comes through the second people log on and start chatting.
Thank you for being so kind and hiring me … again!

Thank you Radius Credit Union

Thank you Radius Credit Union for caring enough about your team that you brought everyone together virtually to attend my afternoon long “Staying Positive in a Covid World’ workshop! Only great companies hire speakers. Those who really need us rarely do!
Has your Credit Union or Financial Institution filled your teams personal and professional tool box lately?

Thank you Meadow Lake Co-op!

Thank you Meadow Lake Co-op for spending time with Darren and I this week. If you have followed me on social media long enough you know I am a HUGE Co-op fan. Their staff are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. I was in Meadow Lake two years ago delivering my presentation live! As much as I embrace my new virtual presentations, I sure miss my Saskatchewan live events with local catered meals (the best!) and meeting and greeting everyone in person.

Patience, please …

I ordered something online from a company I had never ordered from before. The response notice I received with my order was like many these days, “Please be patient with us. Your order may be received later than expected.”
When I received the box, it looked like it had fallen off the truck and someone had driven over it. Everything inside was great but the box looked terrible. The courier said to me, “I sure hope you are going to call and complain about the state of that box.” I smiled and responded, “Never. Not my style to complain. There are far greater problems in the world.”
In her book Miracles Now, Gabrielle Bernstein says that happy people would never post a mean comment. She is right. We don’t. I am not going to negatively post about, email or call a company that could be struggling to keep up with demand. I would be embarrassed to call them with my “first world problem” of a box that wasn’t delivered in perfect shape, in a world that needs kindness. Just because you are entitled to give your opinion, does not mean that everyone wants to hear it.
I do the best I can as a motivational speaker. I give up a clean house and go to bed at 10 p.m. I eat healthy and give up pizza and wine (Monday to Friday!), so I never call in sick. I leave unanswered emails to exercise every day so I have energy. I give up sleep and wake up at 5 a.m. so I can meditate and be focused, grounded, and happy. I read, watch and listen to things that help me to be a better human being. I truly give my company and audiences everything I have. Do you know what that is? All I can give. Do you know what else that is? Good enough. Even with all that I do, there is still the odd, unhappy person who posts a mean comment.
People are giving the best they can give right now. So, before you decide to focus on the 10% and post about, email or call a company with a mean comment stop and ask yourself “Will I be a happy person if I do this?” Perhaps you will be happier if you don’t.