Thank you Russell Investments!

Thank you Russell Investments for hosting a wonderful five part, “Virtual Spring Webinar Series” with your advisor group. What a great idea. We took my two hour webinar and delivered it in quick 20 minute presentations over five sessions to a very busy group of advisors.
We have all had to pivot, shift, twirl and dance to adapt to our “new normal” way of doing business.
What have you done to support your clients in a way that is best for them?

Thank You Marigold Library Systems!

What a fun webinar with Marigold Library Systems! Libraries have had to adapt to a lot of change during this pandemic and this group adapted with style. Their theme was, “Make it Matter, Make it Happen” and this group is making it happen!
As much as I miss a live event and meeting everyone as they enter the banquet or training room, it is great to meet virtually. If you are doing a lot of virtual events these days, sign in early. You get to meet who is there and hear where they are from. The next best thing to live.
Thank you Marigold for your generous book purchase and adding my books to your libraries.

Thank you Co-operators

Thank you Co-operators for another amazing webinar. Thank you Carla for caring about your team AGAIN and inviting me to speak to your very important group of Sales Associates.
Let’s talk about the power of the impression you leave, everywhere you go. In 2008, I walked onto an elevator and there was a woman dressed in such a beautiful outfit I had to compliment her. That woman was Carla and as we visited during the elevator ride she asked what I did, since I was hauling boxes of books. I told her I was a motivational speaker and she told me she hires speakers. The rest is history. Carla called me and we have worked together ever since.
You leave an impression everywhere you go and the next person you meet could be a potential client.

Thank You Oshki-Wenjack Institute

Thank you to Oshki-Wenjack Institute in beautiful Thunder Bay for inviting me to speak to your group today.

Let’s talk about referrals. Whether you are an educational institute or a motivational speaker, we are rely on referrals. We want to do a great job so that others will refer us. I was referred to this event by someone I met years ago in Ontario. Never underestimate the power of kindness. If you want to be referred by others, go out into the world and be someone that someone would be proud to refer.

Would the students you teach be proud to refer you and your educational institute?

Staying Positive in a Covid World

We are back together again for part three of our “Staying Positive in a Covid World” series. So grateful to everyone who took the time to join us and grateful to the Re-Open Saskatchewan Training Subsidy program.
Last week, we talked about taking care of the person in the mirror. Today, we talked about showing up at our jobs positive, caring for our team members, clients and families. It is never too late to do things better and differently.
The first question I asked my group today was, “What is the first thing you are going to do when the world returns to normal?”

Thank You OPG

Thank you so much Ontario Power Generation for inviting me to speak as a part of your week long events to honour Mental Health Week. I loved that you are offering your team members nine “Mental Health PPE.” One of mental health PPEs was, “Reach Out for Mental Health Support.” If you have heard me speak before, you know I have a very strict three times complain rule. Complaining and talking about how we feel is so important! But after three times, we need to look in the mirror and say, “What do I need to do to get help with what I am complaining about?”
The second idea was, “Reframe Negative Experiences as Positive.” I could not agree more OPG!! That is the ability to move our 10% magnifying glass to the 90%. Thank you!