Look forward.

Have joyful conversations around what you are most excited about when this is all over. Who is the first person you will hug? Who will you visit? What will you eat? Where will you shop? Imagine the future in a positive light.

End on a positive note.

Make sure that all of your emails and calls close in a positive way. “I can’t wait to see you again.” “Until we meet again,” “I will be here for you when you need me.” “We look forward to continuing to serve you in the future.”

Get ready. 

Imagine when this is all over. Because it will be.  Are you ready now? Will you be? What do you want your future to look like?

Filter negativity.

Stop watching and reading the endless stream of negative stories. Instead, engage in one of the other eight ideas on this list and watch your mindset shift.

See them through a 90% lens.

Look at what is positive about this time together. Cherish this time because it won’t last forever. I see families walking in my neighbor I have never seen walking together. Even if you are only talking via skype, tell them you love them and be kind.

Create joy outside of your job.

My friend said she was not doing well because her business was her “passion”. I love my job; it is truly a passion for me but it is far from the only thing that gives me joy. Make sure your job is not the only place you get your self-esteem from.