Just landed in Edmonton and I’m excited for my Customer Service Leadership day tomorrow!

University of Saskatoon

I am at the beautiful University of Saskatchewan campus speaking at the Campus “ Be Well” Day.

Remembrance Day

Remembering everyone who has served for our freedom. This is my decorated Grandpa John aka “Pop”.

Co-op Gas Bar in Moosomin!

Last week on my way to Rocanville, I stopped at the Co-op gas bar in Moosomin, Sask. It was a cold night and this young man, Regardt, came running out to put gas in my car with the biggest smile and enthusiasm. I could not believe how awesome he was. I went in and told the other staff he was so great and everyone in ear shot. How can the people in that community not come and tell him that every day? People tell me all the time that is our youth who “don’t know how to work”. You know what I say ? “Who is teaching them how to?” I meet a lot of young people who are exceptional at their job. We HAVE TO tell the youth around us they are doing good work. Please take the time this weekend to single out the great young people in your community, see them through your 90% lens and tell them they are great. Trust me, they need to hear it.

Hey Edmonton!

Check out this great event I’m part of in Edmonton on November 15th!



Something amazing happens when people in a small community get together. Thank you Strasbourg, Saskatchewan, for a wonderful community event last night! 200 people came together. Communities need to band together and be positive. There is nothing better than kind Saskatchewan people supporting each other. My focus on the 90% reminds people that in order to build a positive community we have to start with each person in the mirror.

People need to take care of themselves and their families first, then we can build together. A depleted person in a depleted home will affect others more than any other factor. I know life can be depleting and we can quickly get in the habit of seeing the 10%s but that is a very unhappy way to live your life.

Make courageous choices to be happy with yourself, your family and then where you live. Living in rural Saskatchewan is one of the most pure and happy ways to live your life. — full of balance and prosperity. Is that how you view where you live?


Darci is in Strasbourg tonight!

LMVBA along with Sisters and SynergyAG are proud to bring to the community, Motivational Speaker, Darci Lang at the Strasbourg Hall at 7 p.m. Her presentation is “Be Inspired” a truly memorable event you will not want to miss.

Thank you Co-op Refinery

Lucky me I was back at the Co-op Refinery for a second EFAP night!

The Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) at the Coop Refinery offers training that the staff can bring their spouses/partners and family members to. I often speak in a company where the staff will say, “I wish my spouse/partner or my teenager could hear you.” Well Coop Refinery gives their staff the chance to bring their loved ones! It is so great to see how many spouses and teenagers attend. Thank you Coop Refinery for recognizing that.