Need more positivity?

Do you need to create more of a positive work environment? Do you want to reduce staff turn-over and improve customer relationships? Then you and your staff need to attend my Focus on the 90% workshop.
I’ll be holding a public workshops in Brandon on October 24th, Winnipeg on November 14th, Saskatoon on November 20th and Regina on November 28th.
This video ( has information about how Darci can help your group and you can find all the details at

Municipal Service Delivery Officials National Conference

Just heading in to speak at the Municipal Service Delivery Officials national conference. So grateful this conference is in my own city today.

Working in Public Service requires a 90% focus !!

It’s very important that you tell the story of where you work to others using positive words. When we go out into our communities and talk about how proud we are to work where we work, we become someone that others want to work with.

It is easy to get caught up on what we don’t like but remember everyone hears you. Your coworkers, the citizens of your community, your friends and family all know how you feel about what you do. I can walk into a service center and know within seconds how the staff feel about their job.

Words have power. Use positive ones to describe what you do.

Book Club!

We had a fun idea come in this week after one of Darci’s presentations. A group decided to keep the positivity flowing by starting a book club at work and they are kicking off their reading with both of Darci’s books – Focus on the 90% and Living the 90%. What a great idea!!!! Get reading y’all.


Good morning! I am in Vancouver today with Aviso Wealth speaking to their leadership team. Thank you Aviso!

Humbling day to be speaking, September 11th. A reminder that we are all healthy and alive in this room today.

I have been studying motivation and happiness for 30 years. I have read, watched and listened to hours of ideas on how to become a great leader. I am all about leading with direction and courage but It is hard to find anything that says you should be a grateful and happy person first.

We have all worked for someone who has touched our lives in a positive way. I guarantee you they did something to invest in themselves first.

Super Women in Business

I am very excited about my event this week in Langley BC. The Greater Langley Chamber of Commerce has hired me to come and an event they are calling “Super Women in Business”. A shout out to all of you at a Chamber of Commerce office – what a great idea! The event is a sell out and they even found a generous sponsor to buy each person a copy of my book! What a way to show your local business women that the Chamber supports them.


Thank you Lethbridge!! What a beautiful city! I have my Sonder matcha almond milk latte and hitting the road.
And of course gas at The Co-op Gas Bar!!
Have a wonderful long weekend!

Lethbridge School Division

I finished up my week at the Lethbridge School Division. And truly I can’t imagine a more wonderful group to spend my Friday with. Thank you so much Garrett for inviting me!

Westwind School Division

Thank you Westwind School Division for a wonderful day and the kindness you greeted me with! I was in Cardston, Alberta, today and it was truly one of the most beautiful towns I have ever seen (and I have seen a lot!). You come over the hill and it is prairie on one side, mountains on the other – breath taking.