Ponder This…

Did you watch the Netflix series on meditation yet?
I love the question that the series poses, “What would make you fall in love with life again?”
After a very difficult 2020 that is a great question to ponder this year, “What WOULD make you fall in love with life again?”

Lead with Kindness

It is so important to lead with kindness right now. I am meeting a lot of very overwhelmed people on my webinars who need an understanding, empathic and compassionate leader. If you are leading a large organization, a sports team, a classroom or a household – you need to be well. If you are not happy and kind to yourself, you are going to find it very difficult to be that way to others. And others need you more than ever.

Look in the mirror and ask yourself, “What is one thing I could do better this week to feel better so I can give more without depleting myself?”

Mid-Sask Community Futures

Thank you so much Mid-Sask Community Futures for a sold out webinar last evening! What a positive interactive group. Very grateful to share the evening with all of you. It is so easy to relate to the challenges of running a business right now. I understand fully!
Entrepreneurs have amazing reliance. No matter what is happening in the world, we still need to show up for our business, our team members, our customers and our families.
Do you work at a Community Futures office? Wondering what to do to support your members? Call me! Hosting a webinar to give others tools to cope is a the best way to show that you care! What a great way to kick off a new year.


Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed some days? Me too. I am writing a book, running a business, meeting other writing deadlines, joining client zoom calls, webinars and running a household full of adults and pets.
I can feel overwhelm coming on like a cold. It slowly starts to affect my energy level and how patient I am. That is my cue to do something next level. The way I stop overwhelm in its tracks is to take ruthless care of myself. What can I do in the exercise, nutrition, meditation or sleep category to get myself filled back up so I can be a fill for others? I guarantee you, you are feeling extra overwhelmed because you are depleted. It has been a very depleting time. When we are full, rested, nourished and focused on our own self-care, we can meet all of our life demands with energy and see it all through a 90% lens.
If you feel overwhelmed, you are. It is time to do something different.

Talk of the Town

Thank you Lisa Peters for inviting me back to “Talk of the Town” to talk about my new book, Lead the 90% – Kind Leadership! And thank you Lisa for starting a book club with my book!!


I love to meditate. It was a very important part of being positive, calm and centered in 2020.
My brain can be so distracted, I have to use an app or a guided meditation.
Watch “Guide to Meditation” on Netflix this weekend! It will help you to calm, center and go to the next level.

Next Level

If you have followed me for a while, you will know rather than making a New Year’s resolution, I like to pick a theme.

In 2020, my theme was Joy. By March, I wondered if I should have chosen something different! The world wasn’t feeling joyful. People were suffering. I was dealing with some of the deepest learnings I have ever experienced. But, as winter turned to spring, I quickly realized Joy was the perfect theme. It forced me to take out my 90% magnifying glass and find the joys, even if some days, those joys were small.

My theme for 2021 will be Next Level. I will look at each part of my life and see how I can take it to the next level. I want to be SO ready when this world opens back up.

  1. How can I take my health to the next level through meditation, nutrition, sleep and exercise?
  2. I will continue to clean and edit my home and take it to a new level.
  3. How can I take my businesses to the next level? How can I enhance what I do? I am looking forward to leveling up my webinars, interviews and writing my fourth book.
  4. I will look at every customer interaction and ask, “How can I take my customer service to the next level?”
  5. As our bubbles grew smaller and smaller and we were locked away, I learned who were the most important people in my life. In 2021, I am asking myself: how can I make my marriage a more fun and loving one? How can I best parent my now adult children?
  6. As I interact with those around me, I continue to challenge myself with how can I take kindness to others to a new level?

It doesn’t matter how well you did in 2020. You did the best you could. Go easy on yourself. Pick a theme for 2021. Choose one that is realistic. It is time to focus forward. What will your theme be?

Cheers to a next level year.


New Year’s Eve

We are feeling a little 10% today; missing our annual New Year’s Eve Party and Pictionary tournament with our friends. Next New Years…will be epic!