Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who was able to access the Saskatchewan Government grant to attend our four part webinar series! And a special thank you to all of you who were not eligible and paid to attend. Very grateful for your support!

Kevin Artinian!

Meet Kevin Artinian! Executive Assistant at Alberta Energy Regulator
Kevin: “What did you do this year to be positive for your team members?”
This year more than ever it’s about using kindness as a tool to help relieve the burden of others, and have them see things in a positive light. At work and at home, being a “spin doctor of positivity”, let incidental decisions be theirs, let them have a win. Setting the example at work, adding tag lines to my work email signatures #leadwithkindness, projecting positivity by smiling in emails and team video meetings. Setting the example at home by listening, genuinely listening, more than ever, always with a smile, being encouraging and supportive. Embracing and incorporating kindness as part of who you are, truly makes a difference.

Ministry of Highways and Infastructure.

We are very blessed to share our “Coping with Covid” webinar series with the Ministry of Highways. Thank you Ranea, Aeliesha and team for caring about your staff. It has been a tough year. What are you doing to help your staff “cope”?

Happy March!

For this month, I wanted to highlight the leaders that I interviewed for my new “Lead the 90% – Kind Leadership” book.
So over the next few weeks, I am going to highlight a leader and what they have done during this difficult month to be kind to themselves, and their team.
Stay tuned!

What I Know For Sure…

Twenty-eight years ago, I moved my tuxedo store to Regina and my girlfriend said, “We should go out for supper and celebrate your new business.” I said, “Sure, but we are not going to the bar after!” Well…she won, and we did go to the bar and I met my husband, Darren, that night. We just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary.

Here is what I know for sure.

In order to be happily married, you have to first be happy yourself.
Darren and I have been through a lot. A. LOT. And the commitment I made to my marriage was that I would take ruthless care of myself so that no matter what was happening I would come to the marriage “full”. Darren wasn’t to make me “happy”, I needed to be happy first.
Communication is key.
We are constantly communicating. The 90%s and the 10%s. You cannot sweep your relationship problems under the carpet. You will trip over those lumps in the carpet for your entire marriage. We have woken up 1,456 Saturday mornings together, poured a tea and coffee and checked in on how we are doing. In the worst of times, in the best of times – we have talked it out.
Focus on each other’s 90%s.
Truly. Seeing each other through a lens of love, patience and compassion has allowed us to be kind and loving towards each other. It is so easy to see the 10%s! I could list 10 things that bug me about Darren and he about me. But I could list you another 90 that I love about him too. And I tell him often, so often, how much I love and appreciate him.

Take care of you. Then take care of those you love. In that order.

pick from the bottom…up

I wanted to share Rhonda Victoor’s newsletter with you. One of my favorite people on earth.
pick from the bottom…up
This February feels like September. Not just because the year has already felt lonnnng. But because September is about making sh*t happen! And that’s been the theme this month. A renewed energy for action, now that dreary January is over. Are you feeling it?
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