Good Monday morning!

I have been so fortunate to be speaking and traveling a lot the last couple of weeks. I am excited to dig into my emails and social media writing. My day is planned to the minute.

My computer is not working, no emails, nothing. Off to be repaired and I am told to stay off emails for a while.

So you know what I have done this morning? Called people!! Old school called them. And you know what, it has been awesome! So nice to have a touch point with people.

Turning a 10% into a 90%.

Aviso Regina

I wrapped up my five city tour with Aviso Wealth in Regina yesterday.

What an incredible group of people! I have learned so much about wealth management and the importance of planning for our future! We are so fortunate to have Rob as our advisor!


• Feeling happier on the job and with co-workers. A person’s attitude ripples out and affects how they feel about their job and those they work with.
• Staying resilient, focused and productive when dealing with tough issues.
• Learning to better recover from a challenging co-worker or client interaction and not have it take over your day.
• Going home with something left for your family and friends.

Plan to attend Darci’s “Focus on the 90%” workshop in Edmonton on May 2nd or Calgary on May 16th.
You can find all the details below or click this video link to hear how Darci can help…

Great Idea!

I stayed at the Delta Hotel in Burnaby and what a great idea they have.

The front desk associate “Pauline “ put her name on the hotel key card.

So often I want to acknowledge the front desk staff and I have to go digging around to find their names.

Shout out to Pauline — she was just excellent.


My favourite movie of all time is “Planes Trains and Automobiles” — rent that old ‘80s classic this weekend. The best movies are the ones where the cranky 10% person is turned around by the nice 90% person.