Virtual Book Club

Wow what a great idea to stay connected during this time – virtual book clubs!

I just spoke with a young woman who lives in a big city with high COVID numbers. She told me how her and her friends have done all they can to be connected and show each other love.  She has ordered copies of both of my books for her and her friends and every second Friday evening they all connect via zoom and discuss the book and what it means to them.   What a great idea that you could use all winter with your friends!

Thank you U of R and The Co-operators

Two more webinars today! So blessed.

Thank you to the Faculty of Business at the University of Regina for hiring me for your Resilience and Gratitude webinar this morning.     I can not think of a better name for focusing on the 90% – Gratitude is the 90%, Resilience is the 10%!   Thank you, Dean Grandy, for your endless support.  Thank you, Anne, for being such a kind client to work with.


This afternoon was spent with The Cooperators Bodily Injury Claims group from across the country.

What are we doing to make our teams across the country feel special? No one wants another boring zoom meeting and people are feeling so disconnected with no annual meetings to attend.

Moving your annual national conference to a virtual format is great but what are you doing to make it fun?

Start your Serotonin Engine – Step 1 – Fuel

Last week, we talked about your body’s natural “good mood fluid” serotonin. This week, we’ll look at Step 1 to start your serotonin engine.
Step 1 – Fuel for your Serotonin Engine.
Food generally breaks down into three categories, fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Any thoughts on which one of these three is the fuel your body relies on to make mood boosting serotonin? If you guessed protein, you are correct?
It’s generally felt that we need about 5-10 grams of protein at each meal (depending on your weight) to give our serotonin engine the fuel it needs.
Here are a few examples of what 10 grams of protein looks like:
• Meat/fish – a portion that covers the palm of your hand
• Beans – 1/2 cup of black, pinto or lentil beans
• Nuts – 1/3 cup of almonds or peanuts
• Seeds – 1/4 cup of hulled pumpkin seeds
Next week, we’ll look at Step 2 – Extras your body needs to help convert that protein into mood boosting serotonin.


This is my new “stage”! And my new buffet lunch.
Finding the 90%s in my new reality.

Thank you RBC and Cancarb!

I am heading into two days with four webinars. So, blessed!  Don’t complain about busy. Busy is a wonderful problem to have.  “I am so busy”, is such an automatic response when you ask people how they are.  No one wants to hear how busy we are.  We are all busy, no one cares.  Change your language around busy.

A 90% of doing webinars is that you can do two in a day!

My first webinar is with RBC Group Advantage with team members across Canada.  The person who hires me for a webinar is the first impression of your company. RBC Group Advantage you should be very proud that Jodi Rasmussen-Witte is your first impression!

If you are in the business of attracting others to your business remember that every where you go and everyone you talk to is a potential client!

How do you treat others?


My second webinar today is with Cancarb – a thermal black carbon company. One of the many 90%s of my job is learning about others companies. It is amazing to me that one of the worlds largest thermal carbon black production facilities is located right in Medicine Hat, Alberta.  I have been speaking for 27 years and when people ask me if I ever get bored of my job I say, “How could I get bored?” each event is different and learn so much about what others do.



What can you do to make your staff or clients feel valued in this difficult time?
Thank you to those of you ordering copies of my book!
Very grateful.

Chill and Choose your way through Covid

Your co-worker says “Hey, did you hear that Covid numbers are way up?”

For some of us, that may be enough to get the thoughts racing.  OMG, what if I get it, what if my family gets it… I think I’m getting a sore throat!

You know what creates the bulk of your stress?  It’s the thoughts you have about an issue immediately after you hear about it.

Whenever you encounter a problem or an issue that upsets you, your first step is always to “Chill” or calm down.  Take a break, go for a walk, talk to a coworker.  Do something else.  Let that triggered, emotional and upset part of your mind calm down and get back to the easy going part of your mind that makes sound and solid decisions.

Now that you have “Chilled” out and are thinking straight, it’s time to “Choose.”  What’s a better way to think about this issue? What do the facts say?

Well, the facts say that…

– even though numbers are rising, it’s still a small amount of people that are effected.

– even if I were to get it, most people recover fine at home.  Plus, we have an amazing, prepared health care system.

– I have the ability to protect me and my family by following all the safety recommendations (mask, distancing, hand washing etc.).

When you “Chill and Choose”, it’s way easier to stay grounded in reason so you think and feel better.

Start your Serotonin Engine

Here’s a completely different way of coping and feeling good throughout Covid. Did you know that you have a natural “Good Mood Fluid” in your brain and body? It’s called Serotonin. When you have an ample supply of serotonin it puts you in a better mood and you are more likely to have a “glass is half-full” attitude. However, if your serotonin levels get depleted, you start to feel more pessimistic and anxious, and a “glass is half-empty” vibe starts to develop.
Guess what zaps your serotonin supply? Stress… Can you say Covid. Pre-Covid, many of us were already stressed and busy enough. Now, during Covid everything has changed, the way we work, socialize, stay well, support our family and the list goes on. Now, more than ever we need to get pro-active in supporting our Serotonin supplies.
How, do we do this?
Well, think of it like you are trying to start a car engine. (Just for fun, I used a picture of my first car and rock solid hair-line. Ha ha.) To do this you need to do three steps.
1. Fill the tank with gas
2. Add some extras like oil to make it run
3. Now all that’s left is to turn the key
In future posts, we’ll look at each of these three steps and help you understand how to rev up your Serotonin engine and keep you feeling good throughout Covid.


I think so much about those who fought for our freedom and the hardships they faced. My grandfather, John, told many stories of the war and one of the things that helped to get him through it all were the letters he would receive from “back home.”
Is there someone in a long-term care home that can’t accept visitors? Is there someone you love that you can’t visit right now? How can we support them? I am really missing some of my family members and I make sure I do all I can to keep in touch. Could we call, text, Facetime, send an e gift card? Or what if we mailed them an old fashioned letter?

Stay Social

I have come to believe that being social and feeling connected to others is far more of a necessity than I ever realized.
Years ago when I left my marketing job at SaskTel I thought, “no problem, I’ll be fine working out of my home and taking care of our young family.”
I took for granted all of the social connections you automatically have when you work with people in an office. It’s easy to walk past someone’s desk and say “Hey, how’s it going?” and strike up a conversation. I missed the coffee breaks where we’d break down the most recent Roughrider game. All that comes easily when you are with your co-workers in the office or in meetings. But if you are working from home, you need to be proactive in keeping those social connections.
A client I just worked with said her coffee group has a standing zoom call at 10 a.m. every week-day and they all get together and talk about anything other than work.
This social banter is good for us and good for our mind. What are you doing to maintain these connections during Covid?