It’s Today!!!

Today is the Most Incredible Bridal Show!! When I sold my tuxedo store 19 years ago, I held onto this Bridal Show because I wanted our children to grow up in a business that they too could work in. Our amazing teenagers have grown up working at the show since they could walk!
Every child should grow up experiencing business. It teaches them the value of work.
Congrats to all of the couples who attended our show! Or should you say to all the couples getting married this year.

Stunning young bride holding bouquet, portrait

Most Incredible Bridal Show this Sunday

Sunday will be the 26th year of hosting The Most Incredible Bridal Show and I will be speaking on the “Three Secrets to an Incredible Marriage”, AND every bride will receive a copy of my new “Living the 90%” book!

Ministry of Justice Day 2!

I am back with the Ministry of Justice for their second day of training today.
Years ago, I was speaking at a conference and an attendee said to me, “Are you here for the stupid conference too?” I smiled and I said to her, “I sure am.” You could just see the look on her face when I got on stage. The look said, “OMG did I actually say that to her?”
I get it. Another conference. Another speaker. Hiring speakers and hosting training days are a way that leaders thank their teams. Truly. I would challenge you to change how you view your meetings.


Darci Lang’s inspiring “Focus on the 90%” workshops in Brandon on October 24th, Winnipeg on November 14th, Saskatoon on November 20th and Regina on November 28th

You can find all the details below or click this video link ( to hear how Darci can help…

Top Five!

This week make a list of your top five clients. Who are you the most grateful for?
Now each day this week do something special for them.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Be thankful today for:
Living in Canada
A hot shower
Grocery stores full of food
Running water
Garbage pick up
Your family (ok 90% of them!)
Your friends
Your pets
We have SO much to be thankful for.

Have a great Thanksgiving weekend!

Have a great thanksgiving weekend!
Spend this weekend being thankful and grateful. Try this entire weekend, to only talk positively.
Replace complaining with words like grateful, blessed, honored and privileged to serve.
Do you want to know how you sound? Tape yourself on your phone as you talk. Listen to it later.
How many times did you use positive words?

Gratitude Month

In the spirit of Thanksgiving I like to make October “Gratitude Month”. I want to share some of the great ways my clients are implementing Gratitude Month within their teams.

In October, Erin and her team start every day by telling each other what part of their day they are most looking forward to. At the end of the day, they have another quick huddle to tell each other what the best part of their day was.

Tanya makes a “gratitude board” and the staff write on post-it notes what they are grateful for in their lives and post them on the board.

Bill challenges his team to go and extend kindness to someone in their community. They are encouraged to let people in in traffic, pay for coffee for the person behind them in the drive-through line, carry someone’s bags, cut their neighbor’s lawn, provide childcare for a friend, visit someone who is in need, and the list goes on and on. At the end of the week, there is a big cash prize for the person who shares the best random act of kindness story.

Susan asks her team to go into their personal life each week and tell at least one person they love, how grateful they are to have them in their life. They must pick someone they feel really needs to hear what they have to say because they don’t tell them enough how grateful they are. The best story for the month wins a fancy dinner out and a hotel stay.

All of my clients tell me the same story that the best part of Gratitude Month is that it not only changes people’s attitudes for the month of October, it changes them forever.

I am grateful for YOU subscribing to my newsletter and following me on social media.

Slow down!

I got a $300 ticket for speeding through a school zone. Where was I going in such a hurry? Getting a ticket has definitely made me more aware of those school zone signs now! We live in a neighborhood with lots of schools and my husband has this great idea. When he drives through the school zone, he slows down and uses that quiet time to reflect on what he is grateful for. I have been doing that too now. No noise in the car, I drive nice and slow and breath deep thinking of all I am thankful for. Try it!

Ministry of Justice

I’m in my own city today with the Ministry of Justice employees. I am so grateful to be in my own city working this week. I love to travel, but a week working in my home city is so wonderful.
Giving up a work day to hear a speaker at an event that you are “strongly recommended to attend” by your leader is not everyone’s idea of a great day. I get that. But please focus on the 90%, that you have a company/ department that care enough about you to hire a speaker and buy you lunch.
Have you ever worked for a company where they would have never dreamed of hiring a speaker and buying you lunch? All you have to do is work in a negative work place ONCE to know the value of a company who does try.