Live Happy!

Wow, look at this statistic I took from the Live Happy site.

It says that a positive brain can increase your energy by 31%, triple your
creativity, significantly booster your intelligence and improve your health.

Well there you go! Do you need another reason to focus on the 90% more?

Happy Family Day Weekend

Great long weekend for those of us who have Family Day to celebrate on Monday! If not, have a great weekend and make the time this weekend to tell those you love that you love them.

Happy Valentines Day!

I am spending today back in Rocanville with Nutrien mine! So blessed to be back working with mining staff. Nutrien you should be very proud of how my client, Pat McDonald, and his team have treated me during my visits here. Everyone is so nice! The impression of the first person who hires me to come and speak sets the tone for the rest of the staff. Pat is so kind and generous.

Those of us who visit your companies, bring the food, deliver the packages, clean your buildings and train your staff are all outside witnesses to how you treat people. Never forget the power of treating everyone well.

Thank you Nutrien for choosing me to speak to your staff and treating me so kindly.

Celebrate Life

As we sit down to eat at a restaurant with our friends Graham and Dionne, the woman serving us asks, “What are you celebrating tonight?” Dionne says with the biggest smile and great enthusiasm, “Life!” I smiled and thought “I wonder what she would think if she knew that Dionne has just started another round of chemo?”

Dionne has survived cancer nine times.

Have you met Graham and Dionne Warner? If you have, you will never forget that you did. They are two of the most loving, generous people I have had the pleasure of meeting. I first met them as we shared a stage in 2015. I was beyond honored to be chosen to speak to their staff. Both of these amazing people have had 10% challenges that most of us could not imagine, and yet I have never heard them complain. They consistently celebrate life in the biggest, grandest way.

As we ate our meal, I asked Dionne what percentage of her healing would she attribute to her positive attitude. Without hesitation she said, “110%.”

In this month of love, let’s learn from this dynamic duo. Let’s celebrate every day we have and let’s remember the powerful role our attitude has in our life. It can truly heal.

If you ever get a chance to meet Graham and Dionne, it will change you. It will remind you that nothing we complain about is that important. It will remind you to…. celebrate life.

Positive Rituals

Mornings can be stressful at our house so to turn 10% rushing, yelling mornings into peaceful 90% ones, we have implemented a new morning ritual. We all get up much earlier than needed and have tea and coffee with our awesome grade 11 son while he heats up his sports car up. We visit and talk about the great days we are going to have. This morning, John asked me to post this video on my social media. His hope was this video would affect people as much as it has affected him.
Wish granted.

What could you do in your house to create more positive rituals around starting the day. What about in your workplace?

It’s Cold!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend! We are in a deep freeze in Saskatchewan and I have been in and out of businesses all day. The focus of every conversation is the obvious – weather!!

I turn a 10% into a 90% by being extra extra nice to everyone. Weather can affect people! I let everyone in, let everyone with a fewer items in their cart go before me and pay for everyone behind me in the coffee line.

My taxi driver yesterday said, “Imagine this cold in my refugee camp”!

Have a warm weekend.

Braving the Cold

I want to give a huge shout out to all of you who work outside. I landed in Saskatoon late last night and it was -40 with the wind chill. These brave workers were busy loading our bags.

Thank you!!!

Six Hours

I am leaving – 30°C Saskatchewan to travel to balmy 0°C St. John’s, NF! This is six hours of flying time and I simply love traveling. I find all kinds of 90%s in what some people find to be a 10%. If you are “stuck” doing something today that you do not like (as I can tell some of my fellow passengers feel today), shake off that feeling and focus on what is good. A six-hour flight – where else do I get to sit for six hours? I have my health (if you have your health you have everything), a job I love and a family who supports me. See you in NF!!