I often interview a portion of the staff before I speak to them. I ask them to share with me their 90%s, the things they enjoy about their job and then, their 10%s. When I review the list of what most people do not like it is often things, they have no control over. It’s always first and foremost CHANGE, then often, something head office is doing, policies, procedures, short staffing etc.

I am not saying these problems are not real but if it is all we focus on and talk about it can be very draining. It starts a negative ripple effect. It first effects how you feel about your job and you start to wonder, am I making a difference? That attitude ripples to your coworkers. Don’t we all work with someone we wonder, “Why are they here if they are so unhappy?” That unhappiness then ripples to your customer. Have you ever been served restaurant staff that were not happy? Can’t you tell? That is how our customers feel when we show up unhappy. Then that ripples home. We show up at the end of the day unhappy to the people that we love. No job is worth that.

What can you do in Happiness Month to bring some positivity back to your work?