Staying Full

The ultimate test is, can we be full and happy EVEN in depleting times? It is easy to be happy and see the 90%s in life when everything is peaceful. What about when it is not? Can we still be happy?

We all have stress. But what do we do to cope and carry on? This winter has tested me. Our 10-year-old daughter has been very sick with a parasite from a winter holiday. A story that would take 100 pages to explain ends with a very sick little girl. To add to that there is a long list of extended family stresses.

During this time I have had to carry on. Being a motivational speaker is the greatest job in the world with so many 90%s. A 10% – no EDOs and no sick days!

So when people ask me, how did I stay full and focused on the 90%, here is what I tell them:

– I focused on getting my daughter healthy again. Rather than feeling helpless (which I felt some days) I funneled that strength into helping her. She is recovering now.
– I took ruthless care of myself. How can we be anything for anyone else if we are depleted too? In depleted times people need you to be full and happy. Go to bed early and eat things that keep you healthy. I have walked past toys on the floor and dishes in the sink to go to bed, knowing I needed my rest to be the best I could be for everyone.
– I called in the support of friends and neighbours. I was not too proud to ask for help when I needed it. Women do not need to give 110%. We can give 90% and still be okay.
– I was easy on me. I knew I could only get done what I could get done some days. My amazing admin assistant Sandra and I knew that some days emails had to wait, newsletters didn’t get out and new books did not get released this year. No worries.
– I was grateful for my husband Darren who would take over and make it all okay when I had to be away. He was the armour we all needed.
– I was thankful for the lessons along the way. I knew there would be 90%s despite the 10%. My family and I have grown so much during this time.
– Rather than complaining about how busy I was working during it all, I was grateful for it. The work helped to pay for the many treatment options.
– I prayed a lot. I prayed for strength. I would stand outside banquet rooms with my little suit on and briefcase in my hand. I would stare at the door and ask God if he really thought I could
leave a depleted family and deliver this message to hundreds of people on the other side of that door. He always answered “yes” and kicked my butt in the room.

We all have stress. What do YOU need to do to be full and happy, no matter what?