I love polite. It is something I am very proud of in our children. They are exceptional at saying please and thank you. It is something we engrained in them as toddlers. I am amazed at how often adults forget to be polite. Jayda and John have been served by serving staff in a restaurant or in a retail store and they always notice when the staff are not polite.

I am often in the email loop with the planning committee for the conference I am going to speak at. One employee will ask another employee to send me something and it is rare that I see them ask with a “please”. How often do we thank our staff for all they do? Our spouse and children?

I was reading a copy of Woman’s Day magazine on our winter holiday this year. The story I was reading was continued on another page. Rather than saying “turn to page 98” the magazine said, “please turn to 98”. Just that simple “please” adds so much.

“Please” go about your day today and see where you could add something nice.