The Cell Phone Solution

Cell phones are everywhere.  The 90% about them is we can keep track of our kids, coordinate our busy schedules and catch up with friends whenever we have a moment. The 10% is that some people never put them down.

Cell Basket
I met a beautiful woman named Janice in my presentation last week who shared a great idea she got from Pinterest ( about how to ask people to put away their phones in a very positive way.  It was the picture of a basket with a note attached that said, “BE with the friends that are HERE.”

Janice used the idea to encourage her friends to leave their cell phones in the basket at the door so they could be fully present at her party.

I love this idea! I am not someone who is tied to technology and it is wonderful to get back to basics and have real meals and real visits with people who are “here”.

Just do it!

I travel every week (spring and fall) so I need to be very organized in my office.  I’m often asked how I find time to write, work on my presentations and do all the things that have to happen in a business — how I stay focused on what is important without getting lost in the 10%. Speaking at a home based business conference, I shared with my audience that I treat my days in the office like the day before you go on holidays. You know those great days? Friday before you go away? You have this renewed energy. You are ruthless with which emails are priority and you dump any that are not of value. You switch on your voice mail and dig right in. You don’t worry about the one complaint. You find a way to make the customer happy and you move on.

That is how I work. I try to treat my work days as the day before holiday days. I don’t go for long coffee breaks and extended lunches. I just work. I don’t read an email twice. When I have attachments to send I attach them before I draft the email then I don’t forget and have to go back. I never touch a piece of mail twice. I don’t make a note to email someone. I email them the second I think of it.

So ask yourself, If this truly was the day before your vacation, what would you do first, differently etc”. Oh and quit telling people how busy you are. No one cares! And the time you spent telling them, you could have been working!