Happy Valentine’s Day

Darren and I decided years ago to postpone celebrating Valentines Day to the following week as our wedding anniversary is February 17th which I realize now was very smart of Darren — we can celebrate two in one.

Celebrating a week later helps us to avoid the rush at restaurants and the expensive flowers. Rather than buying a lot of gifts for each other we like to carve out time. We love to go for lunch and then grab a coffee and walk around our goregous Wascana Lake (http://www.wascana.sk.ca/) . We spend time rather than money. Of course I love to talk and we try to come to our walks with interesting things we have learned since our last walk or really cool questions to ask each other. We try not to spend the entire walk talking about work and our children. This year we have 10 GREAT questions thanks to our friends, William and Edrina Sinclair. Their website, http://aliveinlove.com/, is all about how to build stronger relationships. In one spot they have a sign up that says, “Looking For Some Love Questions To Spark Conversation With Your Life Partner? We’ll Send You *Ten Love Questions* over *Ten Days* To Help You Either *Start Or Continue a Conversation* With Your Partner!” What a great way to honour your partner. I wont give away any of their questions but they are wonderful. And really get you talking about important topics.

Relationships deserve our time. Carve some out for those you life. I know life is busy but it shouldn’t be too busy for a coffee and a walk.


I was totally honoured to speak at our province’s SUMA ( www.suma.org) Conference on Monday and was reminded of how nice Saskatchewan people are.

We are very blessed to live in this great province.

I am constantly amazed at the contrasts within our province. At the SUMA Conference, I met a lot of wonderful provincial dignitaries and profile leaders of their communities. Then an hour later, I was being interviewed for a Saskatchewan cable television show – Lit Happens hosted by Wes Funk ( http://www.wesfunk.ca/Lit.html).  What was neat was that one hour I was in a room of 1100 people and the next hour I was in a small studio with filled with artists.  The comparison reminded me that no matter what you do – you must do something you love.

The artists at pulsworks studio  (http://www.pulsworks.com/)  inspired me to always live my dream. Thanks to Sandy and his team for reminding me that there is a world of artists who are living theirs and doing some really amazing things in our province. One of the artists I met was Kevin Hastings and he is following his dream as a graphite artist. And what a talent he is.. check it out!  www.kevin-hastings.ca.