Keeping what’s important fresh in my mind

I have a beautiful sister in law named Jill who is a designer who helped me decorate our home and my amazing office. (Every woman needs a sister in law who is decorator!)  Thanks to her I have a great office,  a great desk and a great way to focus on my 90%s.

She painted my desk white and put a big sheet of glass over the top of my desk.  We then placed photographs and paper creations my children have made for me under the glass.

Whenever I feel overwhelmed in my work day, I take a minute, move away my work and look down at the photographs that bring back such happy memories for me — my children as babies, our wedding picture, our holidays, me smiling as a child and the last pictures we took with my mother in law and my mom before they passed away.

I love the cards and Mothers day poems my children have written me over the years the most.  It is a way for me to re-ground myself to what is important.  It can bring a smile to my face no matter what has happened that day.

Another great way to display your reasons for what you do!  We found this one on Pinterest!

Another great way to display your reasons for what you do! We found this one on Pinterest! It’s from


Words can hurt

I was traveling and sitting in a restaurant eating by myself.  A man sat down in the booth across from me in his work clothes.  It was clear he was happy to sit down and enjoy a nice cold beer after a long day of work.  As he was settling in, a very beautiful, well-dressed woman joined him.  She seemed quite annoyed that he would meet her dressed like that.

They seemed to know a few people in the restaurant and every time someone would come to the table to talk to them she would make a point of saying to them, “Don’t mind my husband and how he looks, he is just coming from work.”  You could tell he didn’t appreciate that and you could also tell no one else cared about how he looked.

I sat there thinking, “I want to make sure I never do that to Darren.” As it was clear it was hurting this “working man’s” feelings.

a working man

a working man

The power of “of course”.

Two of the best words you can use with your clients or customers are “of course.”  I love when I ask the service staff in a restaurant, “Can I please have salad instead of fries?” and they say “Of course.”   Or when I am in a clothing store and I ask, “May I try these clothes on?”, the enthusiastic young woman unlocking the fitting room says, “Of course.”  Try it. It is much better than “sure.”  It has a feeling of  “I am here to serve you; Of course I will do what I can to make it a great experience for you.”