What do you have left for those you love?

As I said before, I love my job but it is just that – a job. It does not fully define me, it is simply one of the roles that I play. Being a wife and mother far exceeds anything I do as a speaker.

What I focus on in the day determines what I have left for the people I love. If I spend my evenings playing the movie of my day over in my head, focused on the 10%s I will be drained.

I choose to look at the 10%s that happen in a day and put it in perspective. I can’t keep everyone happy and I am not going to try and be perfect. There will always be 10%, but there is always 90%. Where is your focus?

Bliss Women’s Clothing

I was speaking in Tisdale Saskatchewan and two of my audience members made a point to tell me about this energetic young woman in town who had just opened her own lady’s clothing store.   I took the time to go and meet her.  It is hard work owning a retail store (I know this first hand) so I wanted to go and support her.

I am greeted by this lovely young woman who spent so much time helping me find clothes. She was so friendly, offered me coffee and encouraged me to leave everything I tried on for her to hang up, as she said, “It was her job.” How many retail stores have we been in where they are not that friendly?

Thank you Rachelle – keep up the great work!

Check out her Facebook page at:


Who do you focus on?

Take a good look at where you spend your energy. Is it on the 90% or the 10% of your customers? What can you do to make your 90% customer feel appreciated and wanting to come back? I would highly recommend a simple thank you not combined with a holiday greeting. Not a computer generated thank you letter, something hand written and special. If you have a large client base, just thank a few.Photo


Little things do matter.

My dad always reminds me that it is the little things in life that matter the most.  We didn’t have a lot of money growing up so we always made crafts to give family members as gifts.

Rather than buy my dad gifts, I always gave him homemade cards and pictures for birthdays and Father’s Day. He cherished them and saved them all.  I never understood how much those cards and crafts meant until I became a mom.

Here is a picture of my dad today in his Volkswagen shop with a Beetle I made him when I was 12 years old.  It still hangs above the solvent tank.


Dad with my art.

Dad with my art.

You’re right, Dad, those things do matter the most

Show some extra care

In my presentation, I like to share stories about people I’ve seen with terrific work attitudes.   We all have tasks or people who are a 10% in our lives. For the next few days make a choice to show extra care and enthusiasm to those people or tasks and notice the difference it can make.