Feel better – do something nice for someone else.

I worked with an exceptional manager and her staff this year. She was so positive and caring and you could tell she was very respected by her staff.

At lunch she was telling me about how she liked to “treat” people. She loved buying little things that she knew her staff would love. I shared that view with her. I love to “treat” people and surprise them with unexpected goodies.present

A great way to make you feel better is to do something nice for someone else. If you are feeling down or overloaded – take a deep breath and think about a small thing you could do for someone that would make them smile. It will reset you.

So Happy

I am a very balanced person when I am at home. I rarely work evenings or weekends. I limit my travel to the average of one night a week. I miss my family too much to be gone more than that. But when I travel I work a lot. I work in airports, while I eat and sit up late in hotel rooms catching up. I max out my time away so when I get home I am “home.”

woman with laptopEvery night at bedtime my family calls me to say good night. One night they called I was working on a writing deadline; I was feeling pretty tired from my travel day and definitely tired of writing.

Our daughter Jayda says, “What ya doin’ Mom?”

I responded with a little sigh, “Writing.”

She says, “Oooh you must be so happy – that is your favourite thing! Are you in your cozy jammies with a tea like you like to do when you write?”

I laughed and looked down and said, “yes indeed, I was in my pajamas and yes, a tea sat by the keyboard.”

She said “That sounds so fun. I’ll let you go Mom so you can get back to what you love doing.”

I wished them all good night and went back to my keyboard with a sense of renewal. She reminded me I did LOVE writing. I needed to reframe my evening, I was so happy.

Sizing Me Up

I walk into a ladies wear store that carries a mix of clothes for young women and “older” Moms like me. The Shawna, the beautiful, young clerk,  bounces over to me and informs me of a sale they are having and very gracefully (and diplomatically) directs me some of the clothes in the “older” section – drawing attention to a blouse she thought would look “great on you!”

As I look around the section, two teenagers come into the store. Shawna approaches them and tells them about a completely different promotion and directs them to their side of the store to show them the “cool new jeans” that just came in.

It was such a small but subtle idea that worked so well. Shawna didn’t sound like she was on “auto pilot” as she announced the exact same promotion to everyone who walked it. She took a second to “size up” her customer and find a way to connect with them.

Awesome Shawna! And yes, I bought the blouse.