Do They Miss You?

When I am away speaking and Darren is in charge, our children call it “Dadderday.” And by far, Darren is more fun than I am. They go on a lot of “adventures” when I am out of town. Darren really uses that time to connect. So I have to make sure that me coming home is a 90% not a 10% because no matter how hard I try, I am never as fun as Dad.

To do that I make sure I’m using the door knob theory I have in my book. I need to put my hand on the door and make sure I am in a positive mindset before I come in. I can’t come in the door and only see the mess. Otherwise, they aren’t that excited to see me.

Does your family miss you when you are gone?

Mystery Shop

Happy Shopper

Years ago I owned a company where you could hire us to come and “mystery shop” your company and report back on how the staff did. I would stand up at the front and tell the staff , “Last week I was in your store.” It was always so interesting the response I would get from staff. The ones who were focused on the 90% and proud of the job that they did were always excited to hear how they did, what did I like, how they could improve etc.

Then there were the ones who were terrified to hear what I had to say. The ones who knew they did not give their best at work.

How worried would you be if you knew you were going to be mystery shopped?

But You Knew

I am always surprised but how people complain about the 10%s of their job, the parts they do not like. It surprises me because so often we knew the 10%s were going to be part of the job. I drive a lot, I spend time in airports and a lot of time alone. So why would I pick the job of motivational speaker that requires me to drive, be in airports and be alone and then go … complain about it. I knew those were part of the job.

Look at the aspects of your job that you do not enjoy. Did you know they were going to be part of the job? If the answer is yes, then why do we complain about them?