Doctors Wanted

I am eating breakfast and the front page of the local paper catches my eye. It reads, “Doctors Wanted.” The article explained that four doctors from out of the country would be touring around the area that day to see what it would be like to work and live here. The article said, “So please be extra nice to the people you do not know on the street today, so we give them a good first impression and hopefully, they will move here.” I laughed out loud.

Waiving hiWouldn’t it be great if we were nice to the people we did not know EVERYDAY.


I am always looking for pockets of time in my blessed life to be more fully present. So I started turning my cell phone off at certain points during the day. I wake up and work before I get my children out of bed but once they wake up, I turn my phone off. I focus only on helping them get out the door. It helps me to be fully present and far more patient with the process. Checking my phone reminds me of the work I have waiting and I find it makes me feel more rushed, thus rushing them.

I stopped bringing my cell phone in the van when I pick our children up. I don’t read emails in the evenings but I was found I was using that wait time to squeeze in those last few emails. Then when the kids jumped in the van, I wasn’t focused on them. I was more concerned about getting that last bit of work done. Turning it off gives me a few minutes to breathe deep, pray and get ready for my evening as Mom. I am far more centered and less distracted.

We ask our family members to put away their technology and focus on us so are you doing the same for them?

What Would They Say

If I were to interview your family about your job, what do you think they would say 90% of the time? That is a great gauge to see how much we complain about what we do at our dinner tables. We need to be happy where we work so we can come home with something left for our family. If we don’t, those we live with start to resent what we do for a living. They start to see it as the place that is taking from Mom and Dad, not the place that fills them.

If you are not sure what they would say, ask them tonight. You might be surprised the impression you are leaving.

In My Country

I am standing in line for the buffet at my speaking engagement… I loaded up the salads… potatoes and vegies and I make my way down the line and at the end is some kind of beef that this very friendly man is carving as people arrived in front of him. I don’t eat a lot of meat so I say to him, “No thank you.” He kindly looks me right in the eye and says, “Where I come from we would never have food like this, especially this quality meat.” So I took a piece.

Prime Rib Roast

I sat down and felt extra grateful for the food in front of me.