Darci Lang’s Attitude Booster: November 2015

First World Problems
by Darci Lang, Speaker and Author

I checked into my hotel with a group of travelers who were all tired and delayed due to fog. The front desk staff told us we had two choices “a newly renovated room that will smell of glue and will likely give you a headache – or an older room”. I opted for the older room. She added, “Oh, and…when you wake up and look out of your window, the construction next door will make you think you were looking at a war zone!”

The next morning as I pulled the curtains back, it did indeed look like a war zone. The building had been demolished and there was rock and debris everywhere. It was so ugly that it was unsettling. I stood there looking out that window reflecting on what it would be like to wake up in a country where this was your view. It made me tear up.

There was a lot of complaining at the convention — the delays, the rooms and the awful weather. Luckily, I was blessed to be the opening speaker… I reminded this group that even though we had all experienced 10%s, we needed to see the 90%s. I asked if anyone had looked out of their window that morning. Most nodded that they had. I asked them what it would be like to look out a window every day in a country where that was their view. Millions wish for the lives we have in Canada. People die trying to come and live here.

There are so many 90%s — a bed to sleep in, a roof over our head and non-stop convention food. I reminded them that although we had many 10%s, they were not what my daughter calls “first world problems”. We need to be so grateful for all of those who fought for us to have this incredible life in Canada.

This is my late Grandpa John aka…Pop. Thank you Pop for coming to Canada and fighting for me so I don’t open a curtain to a war zone every day.

10%s First

Young woman writes to black diary on a white table

Just like you, there are 10%s in my job I do not like. I always make it a rule to do what I don’t like FIRST. I am a list maker and I make my list for the day then I immediately do what I dislike doing, first. I find if I don’t do it right away I spend time avoiding it and carrying that task into the next day…and then the next day. Doing the 10% first allows me to move to the parts of my job I do love. Because I really I love 90% of what I do. Try it. Make your list for the day and immediately tackle what you don’t like first. The rest of the day is spent doing what you love!