Great Leaders

Illustration depicting a sign with a personal development concept.
I have worked with some incredible leaders these past couple of weeks. Every single one of them is working on something in their personal development to make themselves the best person they can be! I have found a huge connection between the great leaders I meet and their commitment to their personal development. How can we expect our staff to be happy if we are not?

Positively Service

Do you have a business that puts bags in their garbage cans? If so, then please take the air out from around the bag. When I stay in a hotel they often line the garbage can with plastic bags, which I love, but they have so much air around them every time I put something in it pops back out! Just take a second to flatten the bag a bit, I bet your cleaning staff would appreciate not picking up things that “pop out” too.

Sunny Vancouver

Spent last week in the gorgeous Vancouver on the 39th floor of the RBC building which overlooks the harbour. Wow! It was +7 degrees Celsius — the weather was so wonderful. It was fun to see people in Vancouver walking around with parkas and toques feeling cold. It was -20 with the wind chill the morning I left.

Thank You

One of my favorite quotes is:
“If there is such a thing as a spiritual shortcut it probably lies in those two magic words found in the human language: thank you. The ability to recognize the good things in life and express gratitude for them is the most direct path to happiness.”

Are we good at being grateful for the things in our lives? It is easy to do when things are going well but what about when they are not? I have found one of the greatest ways to reset myself during a difficult time is to say “thank you”.

One of the greatest ways I have to be kind to others is the same, say “thank you”.
An image of a pen with the message thank you