A Script

Our boy, John, is an avid skateboarder. He loves to watch documentaries of competitive skateboarders and what their life was like growing up. In the story of Chris Cole, he talks about how his father walked out on them when he was a very young boy. Chris talks a lot about growing up without a father. He then goes on to explain that when he became a father himself he had no “script” since no one taught him how to be a good father. So, he had to write his own script.

My dad wrote his own script. Dad was a young single father in the early seventies and I remember stacks of motivational and parenting books on our coffee table. My dad would attend parenting classes on Wednesday nights. We have always been a family that was open to counselling and I dreaded Monday nights growing up because Monday nights were family meeting nights where we would talk about our feelings.

My husband Darren didn’t grow up with a script either. His dad died when he was eight years old. He is writing his own script and this script will be passed on to our boy John when he is raising his own children.

Maybe your dad didn’t grow up with a script which means he had to write his too. It’s never too late to write …. Or to rewrite your own.

Happy Father’s Day