Be The Change

This month, look for opportunities to tell others that they are doing a wonderful job. The cashier, the serving staff, the gas attendant, those who work at your children’s day care or school — our staff, your spouse and your children. The more you look for opportunities to tell people they are good, the more you will find. People need you to see them through the 90% lenses and hear that they are good.
I love the movie, Bruce Almighty. God (Morgan Freeman) says to Jim Carey, “Wanna see a miracle? Be the miracle!”
Three wooden cubes in the palm reading Be the change motivating you to go ahead and have the courage to make changes in order to grow and develop your personal life and career.

Give Thanks

With Thanksgiving around the corner, let’s make sure we are giving thanks. I like to send thank you emails and cards to people who I receive great service from.

After visiting my grama last week, I met an incredible employee named Lil at the care home. It is not very often I hear back from managers with such kind words about their staff.

Dear Don,

I have to tell you how totally impressed I was with Lil, her smile, energy and enthusiasm. She couldn’t stop talking about how much she loved her job and her residents.

You are very blessed to have her on your staff. She is blessed to have a job she loves.

Keep up the great work!

Don writes me back and says:

Good morning Darci,

You are an excellent judge of character and your assessment of Lil is right on the money. She is an excellent/outstanding employee respected by her peers, and loved by the residents. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this note. All of us could learn from your kindness. Small gestures like this can change the world. There is a ripple effect to such an email that touches many more than the writer and the subject.

We are very happy that your grandmother chose to live with us. We look forward to serving her years to come.