Email Etiquette

I have a client who is the nicest women you would ever meet but her emails do not match her positive attitude. In person, she is kind, loving, patient and a great listener. In her emails, she is rude, abrupt, impatient and does not answer all of the questions asked. She answers in one word answers and often uses “all caps”. She leaves an impression very different than the one I am sure she is hoping to leave.
It’s important we take a minute before we send our emails and texts. We should read them and ask ourselves, “Do I sound like a 90% person or a 10% one?”
How can you be more positive in your conversations? What about a “Good morning”, a “Hi Darci”, or a “please or thank you?” Did you answer the questions you were asked, even if it was “How was your weekend?”
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Fun Workplace

Are you looking for a way to have more fun and add positivity to your workplace? Subscribe to only positive sites so when you open your computer in the morning you open it to the 90% messages.
Hear about the positive news in the world by logging on to one of these sites:
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Daily jokes.

The Trunk

In 1946, my war bride grandma, Olive Herity, and my aunt, Mary Ann, boarded a ship in England and headed to Halifax, Nova Scotia to start a new life in Canada. My grandma was given a trunk to fill. She could only bring enough to fit in that one trunk.

I imagine my grandma leaving behind wedding gifts and telling her young daughter she could only bring two special toys. I imagine her dragging that big trunk on to the ship. I see her sitting on that ship with her daughter on her lap looking out the window. Was she scared? Was she excited for a new life? My grandma made that courageous journey across the ocean to join my grandpa in Edmonton, Alberta and then moved to Biggar, Saskatchewan to raise their family.

The stories from the war amaze and humble me. My grandfather, John Davis Herity, served with the 8th Canadian Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Army from December 30, 1944 to November 25, 1945. I remember my grandfather telling me that as proud as he was to serve our country, it was hard to go off to war and leave his family. I wonder how difficult it was for my grandma to leave her family in England and move to Canada to be with my grandpa. She never liked to talk about that time in her life.

Last week, my aunt received a text from a friend visiting an antique shop in Saskatchewan; he had discovered a trunk with my aunt’s maiden name and sent her a picture. It was the trunk that they had brought with them some 70 years ago. My aunt now owns the trunk that held the most precious memories of her childhood.

As I look around and survey my “things” I wonder, what would I bring? Albums? DVDS? Flashdrives? What would it be like to have to put all that I love into one trunk?

In this month of remembrance, let’s remember and revere our war veterans who fought for us and those who traveled with their trunk to meet them after. They gave us the blessed lives we have now.

Your 10%s

Things will never change if you don’t do something different.
I love what Elizabeth Gilbert says in her “Book Big Magic; Creative Living beyond Fear”.
The only way to rid yourself of your own cumbersome beasts (what I call your 10%s) is to tell the truth about your life. Tell the truth about your addiction, codependency, workacholism, rage, or perfectionism, blame, gambling, or eating disorders – whatever it is that’s sucking you dry. Come clean with yourself about it and the dire effect it’s having on your life.
Once you do that, your energy will begin to return in the form of power. Not the fake kind of power that comes from perpetuating some unsustainable myth about yourself, but the power that comes from standing in your truth (your 90%s) and embracing the desire to be fully, finally restored – and energy rich – for the rest of your days.
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