Aviso Regina

I wrapped up my five city tour with Aviso Wealth in Regina yesterday.

What an incredible group of people! I have learned so much about wealth management and the importance of planning for our future! We are so fortunate to have Rob as our advisor!


• Feeling happier on the job and with co-workers. A person’s attitude ripples out and affects how they feel about their job and those they work with.
• Staying resilient, focused and productive when dealing with tough issues.
• Learning to better recover from a challenging co-worker or client interaction and not have it take over your day.
• Going home with something left for your family and friends.

Plan to attend Darci’s “Focus on the 90%” workshop in Edmonton on May 2nd or Calgary on May 16th.
You can find all the details below or click this video link http://ow.ly/KmG930jyYeZ to hear how Darci can help…

Great Idea!

I stayed at the Delta Hotel in Burnaby and what a great idea they have.

The front desk associate “Pauline “ put her name on the hotel key card.

So often I want to acknowledge the front desk staff and I have to go digging around to find their names.

Shout out to Pauline — she was just excellent.


My favourite movie of all time is “Planes Trains and Automobiles” — rent that old ‘80s classic this weekend. The best movies are the ones where the cranky 10% person is turned around by the nice 90% person.

Quality vs Quantity

We all have those times in our business cycle that are our busiest. Even in my busy time right now I feel very balanced – 90% of the time – and that is a great goal! It is in huge part to the fact that when I am with my audience members speaking, I unplug my phone and I give them the best of me.

When I am home I do the same. I don’t feel guilty in my busy times because I am away supporting my family. I may only be home for a short while but I will make that time really count. I am fully present focused on them.

Quality can matter far more than quantity if we bring our best self to work and home.