I am in Edmonton to spend the morning with 450 Alberta College of Medical Diagnostic and Therapeutic Technologists! This is their annual Connect 2019 Conference.
I will deliver the keynote address and then another deeper dive workshop to really help to apply the Focus on the 90% message.
Like most industries, healthcare is dealing with a lot of change! Focusing on what you can control in your day greatly affects how we are treated by health care professionals. Have you ever been served by someone who seemed tired and overwhelmed? Guess what – they are tired and overwhelmed!
In times of change and stress, we need to treat ourselves kindly first. Get proper sleep, eat well, exercise and quiet our busy brains. Then we can be kind to those we work with. I can tell the second I walk into an area of a hospital whether or not the staff get along. That lack of kindness ripples to the patients they serve.
We need to choose to treat ourselves and others kindly during our day. It will strongly affect how kind we are to the people that we love when we get home at the end of our day.