Best Client Gift Ever

I am so blessed to receive many gifts from my clients which I am very
grateful for! Last Friday, at the Group Calgary Orthontics event in Calgary,
Denise blew my mind.

Firstly I want to say again what an incredible idea a group of orthodontists had to bring their clients, dentists and their staff, together for a beautiful day. I sat on the airplane home wondering, how could others come together and share ideas and talents and honour their clients in a special way? Orthodontists who would normally be competing for the business worked collaboratively to host a wonderful day.

Now back to the amazing gift. Denise, their office manager, took the time to go online and figure out what I might love. She bought me a beautiful
briefcase and a wrap in navy; one of my favourite colors and a box of
Purdy’s chocolates! Wow. When I asked how she knew so much about what I liked she said, “I dug around to find out more about you.”

When I speak to an audience the impression of the people hiring me is the first impression of the entire group. Thank you Denise for leaving such a kind, thoughtful impression.

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