As we sit down to eat at a restaurant with our friends Graham and Dionne, the woman serving us asks, “What are you celebrating tonight?” Dionne says with the biggest smile and great enthusiasm, “Life!” I smiled and thought “I wonder what she would think if she knew that Dionne has just started another round of chemo?”

Dionne has survived cancer nine times.

Have you met Graham and Dionne Warner? If you have, you will never forget that you did. They are two of the most loving, generous people I have had the pleasure of meeting. I first met them as we shared a stage in 2015. I was beyond honored to be chosen to speak to their staff. Both of these amazing people have had 10% challenges that most of us could not imagine, and yet I have never heard them complain. They consistently celebrate life in the biggest, grandest way.

As we ate our meal, I asked Dionne what percentage of her healing would she attribute to her positive attitude. Without hesitation she said, “110%.”

In this month of love, let’s learn from this dynamic duo. Let’s celebrate every day we have and let’s remember the powerful role our attitude has in our life. It can truly heal.

If you ever get a chance to meet Graham and Dionne, it will change you. It will remind you that nothing we complain about is that important. It will remind you to…. celebrate life.