When I wrote my second book, “Living the 90% – 9 Ways to Be Happier”, it took me a month. I would wake up each day and say goodbye to Darren as he went out the door to his office. Then shortly after, I would say goodbye to John as he headed to school and again when he went to his part time job. Our daughter, Jayda, was away traveling and I literally had all day and all evening to write. I wrote that book in one month, and then I went back on the road and traveled each week delivering my message.

Today I finished writing my third book, “Lead the 90% – Kind Leadership”. I thought it would take me a month. It took me almost five. I woke up each morning to write, but this time my family never left. Ever. I would find a quiet corner of the house and, as soon as I would start writing, someone would appear. I felt like we were piled on top of each other. I didn’t leave. Ever. My speaking schedule was wiped clean and I worried as I erased yet another event from my schedule. I missed wearing my dress clothes. I sighed when I would find an old boarding pass in my pocket. I missed traveling. I sighed when I found a client’s pen in my office, remembering how great their conference was. Though I have fully embraced my new webinar format, some days I really miss meeting real live human beings. I sighed as I passed pictures of family members I knew I would not see this summer.

Then I had to pull out my 90% magnifying glass. I had to change my view. So what if this book took five months? I changed my expectations and accepted what was to be. I simply love writing, so why wasn’t I focused on that? Darren and I turned fear into action and adjusted our finances and spending so we would be ok. We talked often about what we were grateful for: our health in a time when others were sick, our home and quieter schedules. I tried hard not to feel frustrated with my family. I was writing about kindness all day and some days I wasn’t feeling kind. I seriously detached from everyone’s problems. They needed to cope in their own unique way. They also had worries and their own reasons to sigh.

I am excited about our quieter summer schedule and the beautiful weather. I am detaching from worry and feeling excited to write my fourth book this fall and spend more time at home with my adorable pets (not the teenagers, the pets LOL!) I am excited about the future. When all of this is over, the world is going to need a 90% message. And it sure needs one now.

Be safe, well and positive.