Your co-worker says “Hey, did you hear that Covid numbers are way up?”

For some of us, that may be enough to get the thoughts racing.  OMG, what if I get it, what if my family gets it… I think I’m getting a sore throat!

You know what creates the bulk of your stress?  It’s the thoughts you have about an issue immediately after you hear about it.

Whenever you encounter a problem or an issue that upsets you, your first step is always to “Chill” or calm down.  Take a break, go for a walk, talk to a coworker.  Do something else.  Let that triggered, emotional and upset part of your mind calm down and get back to the easy going part of your mind that makes sound and solid decisions.

Now that you have “Chilled” out and are thinking straight, it’s time to “Choose.”  What’s a better way to think about this issue? What do the facts say?

Well, the facts say that…

– even though numbers are rising, it’s still a small amount of people that are effected.

– even if I were to get it, most people recover fine at home.  Plus, we have an amazing, prepared health care system.

– I have the ability to protect me and my family by following all the safety recommendations (mask, distancing, hand washing etc.).

When you “Chill and Choose”, it’s way easier to stay grounded in reason so you think and feel better.