About 4pm everyday my dog Holly arrives in my home office and looks at me like, “Ok, that’s enough work, I am ready for my walk.”

I pat her sweet head, close down my computer, change out of my webinar friendly outfit and grab her leash. I leave work on my desk and dishes in the sink as I look past the dirty floor and just go.

I hurry past my children’s cars in the driveway and I feel sad that their plans have changed because of Covid. I feel strangely mentally exhausted from connecting with audience members through a camera on a laptop. Though I am embracing my new normal, I miss real human beings. I feel heavy as I pass some of my neighbors’ homes, knowing that some of them are suffering. I feel sad. I missed seeing my extended family this Thanksgiving. 10%s. I feel myself looking down.

And then…I look up. I start to smile. I feel the warm, fall sun on my sun-screened face. I relax my jaw and I lower my shoulders. I breathe deeply. I look up. The fall leaves are simply magical. I feel my feet on the ground, I hear the crunching leaves and I move my focus. I look forward with love at Holly looking back at me with excitement, like this is the first walk we have ever been on. I let gratitude wash over me. I become fully present about what is beautiful around me. Right now. This moment. And then I walk back home, slowly.

I bless my neighbors with prayers. I don’t want to let a day go by without remembering to do something kind for others. I pass the cars on the driveway and smile feeling grateful everyone is healthy and safe. I am home. Truly home. I refocused back on the 90%s and what I am grateful for. Grateful for what is good, today.

I put my hand on my front doorknob. I smile, I soften and then I enter with gratitude.

Since March 13, I have taken over 150 walks. I love walking. It is healing.

I can’t wait to see Holly again tomorrow at 4pm. She is my constant reminder to, look up.