I would like to introduce you to Scott Brandt, Superintendent of Grasslands Public Schools.
Here is what Scott did to make himself a “hero”.
He was beyond accommodating on all of our calls and emails to Sandra and I.
He bragged on and on about how great his staff were in every call we had.
He was concerned about my well-being as I traveled.
He bought a copy of both of my books during the summer and read both so he could decide which one to gift to his staff today.
He met me early, greeted me and was concerned that I had all I needed.
He met all of his 400 staff at the door. He knew most of their names and was greeted with many hugs.
He was humble and kind and hilariously funny as he opened the day (including the superhero costume and a dance off).
He thanked his staff profusely for all they do and never once made any of the success of the division about him.

I have met hundreds and hundreds of leaders. Scott you are a true stand out.
Thank you.