I am excited to be in Calgary today with RBC!

I am a very dedicated RBC Dominion Securities client, and here is why: Not only is Rob Cameron an outstanding advisor and a great person all around, but we have had a long relationship that started 16 years ago when my mother-in-law, Dorothy, passed away.

Dorothy was an amazing woman who had to quit school in Grade 8 to help raise her 12 brothers and sisters. She married John who became very sick when Darren, the youngest of 3 boys, was born. She lost her husband 8 years later with 3 boys to raise, a farm to run and a house in the city. She went on to become a success by going to back to school to get her Grade 12, then a university degree. She worked at the Coop Refinery, had revenue homes and learned how to manage and save her money. When she died suddenly, my husband and his brothers were left to pick up the pieces.

Dorothy had her money invested in four different companies. My job was to call them and let them know our beloved Dottie had passed away and to ask what we needed to do next. We eventually moved our investments to Rob because, when I called to tell him, he cared so much. He didn’t launch into a scripted speech about how much paper work was now involved, or how we had to come to the office to sign some papers, he just… cared.

And at the end of the day, isn’t that what matters most?

When someone cares, everything changes.

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