Thank you, Tracy at The Farm Impact Magazine, for a great interview today – you were so wonderful to work with! One of the questions Tracy asked was, “What is one thing you want readers take away from your books?”
My answer was, “I want my readers to know the power of choice. We can choose to wake up each day and ask ourselves, what is good today? What am I grateful for? Or we can choose to look for what is bad. When a negative thought pops into your head (and lately there are a lot of 10%’s to think about!), acknowledge that thought and say to yourself, “Ok that is real and that is terrible. I am going to process how I feel and what I need to do to move through it.” Then move your magnifying glass to something you are grateful for and ask, “What is good?” Train your brain to find something positive. Focusing on and constantly looking for the 90%’s has transformed not only my thinking, but my entire life.