Wow what a beautiful place — Kinistin Saulteaux First Nations.
Yesterday had 10%s. I was so rushed getting out of town, I got a speeding ticket ( second in my entire life), dealt with some family issues, highway construction added time to my travel, arrived at the hotel with no room. I made the reservation in the next town, adding an hour to my trip.
In times of 10% the first thing I do is start self care. I stopped for Chinese food (my healthy veggie go to in a small town) and had the best service from a wonderful young man Riley. I drove with spa like music, tuned off my phone , looked at the amazing fall landscape of colours and watched a beautiful sunset. I woke today to watch a sunrise on my beautiful prairie drive , and I am 90% again.
I get it. We all have bad days. We need to look around and ask ourselves, “What can I control?” and, “What is still good?”
Can’t wait to spend the day with a wonderful group!