I am officially done my second book! Living the 90% will be released this month!

This is the opening chapter of my book and it summarizes what my March writing month was like!

It’s been eleven years since I wrote the first edition of Focus on the 90%. I have the most adorable picture of my then five-year-old son holding the first copy of my book. People often ask me, “What took you so long to write your second book?” To which I reply, “Well, I was busy raising my family and living my epic life.” Yet I always knew that there was another book sitting in my soul just waiting to be revealed.

I am inspired by people, places, and life in general. I love Wayne Dyer’s books. Wayne would go to his home in Maui to write. He would take a month off and focus only on writing while sitting in his beautiful Hawaiian home. I also took a month off, during one the coldest months we have ever had in Saskatchewan. I would wear wool socks and layers of clothing as I typed away on the keyboard, tea at hand. I wrote twelve hours a day with life happening all around me. I would try and keep the teenagers and their friends quiet so I could focus. I had a terrible cold, the snow started to melt and the dog poop started to thaw in the yard. I smiled as I wrote and thought, “Not quite Maui.”

Focus on the 90% showed you how to see your life through a lens of positivity and gratitude. This book will show you how to truly live that message.