Give up Complaining

As you start to think about the New Year, what if we gave up complaining?

If you are blessed to live in Canada, I think every news reporter should end their report on other parts of the world like this, “Thank you all for listening to the news today. I am sure it is a reminder to all of us that many do not have the life we have. Be grateful for this beautiful safe country we get to live in.”

What if rather than complaining about the weather we were grateful for no war, no grass to cut and no malaria. Instead we enjoyed the cozy nights in our warm safe homes.

What if we didn’t complain about our job? Many do not have a job. No matter what you do for a living, you have a choice on how thankful you are. Often the people I know who complain about their job actually really enjoy what they do. When I challenge them on why they complain, they say, “I don’t know – it’s just what we do.” It’s a habit. Let’s change that habit.

What if we didn’t complain about the negative people around us? It always surprises me when I hear about the “negative Nelly’s, the evil force, the naysayers” in workplaces. When I get to the staff event, it is only ever a small table of people! Sure we work with negative people, everyone does but why do we complain about them? When we talk about them, we give them our power and they win. I guarantee they don’t go home and complain about you.

What about your friends? It seems far more interesting to get together and gossip and complain. What if for 2018 we didn’t? Instead we talked about all that we are grateful for and all we are doing to improve our lives. What if you ONLY posted things on Facebook that you are grateful for.

What about those you love? What if we didn’t walk in the door and see the backpacks and the dishes in the sink. What if we didn’t complain about everything that wasn’t done and were grateful for what was? I know the day will come where backpacks won’t be at my door anymore. I know I am going to miss that.

Put a post it note on your desk right now that reminds you, “NO COMPLAINING.”

Happy New Year!

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