As much as I love traveling, there is nothing better than speaking in my own home city Regina, SK! I am spending the day with the Ministry of Advanced Education for their staff retreat day at our beautiful Conexus Arts Center.

I am happy to be sharing a message of positivity on another – 25 day in Regina. This weather is starting to affect people’s moods so I have my top three ideas for beating the cold today. #1. Stop talking about how cold it is and ask yourself, what can I get done in my office and home that I will not want to do when this weather warms up? #2. Make a decision that once it warms up you will do all you can do to be outside more than you ever have! Start planning the fun now, it gives you something to look forward to. #3. Remind yourself, that no matter how cold it is in Canada, many people living in other countries wish they could live here. Some even die trying to find the safety and freedom we often take for granted.

Have a beautiful day.