Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed some days? Me too. I am writing a book, running a business, meeting other writing deadlines, joining client zoom calls, webinars and running a household full of adults and pets.
I can feel overwhelm coming on like a cold. It slowly starts to affect my energy level and how patient I am. That is my cue to do something next level. The way I stop overwhelm in its tracks is to take ruthless care of myself. What can I do in the exercise, nutrition, meditation or sleep category to get myself filled back up so I can be a fill for others? I guarantee you, you are feeling extra overwhelmed because you are depleted. It has been a very depleting time. When we are full, rested, nourished and focused on our own self-care, we can meet all of our life demands with energy and see it all through a 90% lens.
If you feel overwhelmed, you are. It is time to do something different.