Bliss Women’s Clothing

I was speaking in Tisdale Saskatchewan and two of my audience members made a point to tell me about this energetic young woman in town who had just opened her own lady’s clothing store.   I took the time to go and meet her.  It is hard work owning a retail store (I know this first hand) so I wanted to go and support her.

I am greeted by this lovely young woman who spent so much time helping me find clothes. She was so friendly, offered me coffee and encouraged me to leave everything I tried on for her to hang up, as she said, “It was her job.” How many retail stores have we been in where they are not that friendly?

Thank you Rachelle – keep up the great work!

Check out her Facebook page at:

Who do you focus on?

Take a good look at where you spend your energy. Is it on the 90% or the 10% of your customers? What can you do to make your 90% customer feel appreciated and wanting to come back? I would highly recommend a simple thank you not combined with a holiday greeting. Not a computer generated thank you letter, something hand written and special. If you have a large client base, just thank a few.Photo


Little things do matter.

My dad always reminds me that it is the little things in life that matter the most.  We didn’t have a lot of money growing up so we always made crafts to give family members as gifts.

Rather than buy my dad gifts, I always gave him homemade cards and pictures for birthdays and Father’s Day. He cherished them and saved them all.  I never understood how much those cards and crafts meant until I became a mom.

Here is a picture of my dad today in his Volkswagen shop with a Beetle I made him when I was 12 years old.  It still hangs above the solvent tank.


Dad with my art.

Dad with my art.

You’re right, Dad, those things do matter the most

Show some extra care

In my presentation, I like to share stories about people I’ve seen with terrific work attitudes.   We all have tasks or people who are a 10% in our lives. For the next few days make a choice to show extra care and enthusiasm to those people or tasks and notice the difference it can make.

Impressed by service

Culligan water dispenser

Culligan water dispenser

I woke up the other morning and my Culligan water dispenser has leaked all over my laundry room. The entire floor is wet.  I think, well, great excuse to wash the floor and call to report my concern.

Not only did Culligan respond immediately to my concern by sending over a new water dispenser but they even replaced the extra bottle of water that spilled.  I was so thrilled with the service.  The next day… the new water machine is not working right.  I call again.  Landon comes to my house immediately, gives me another new machine – which is perfect and running smoothly.

Thanks Landon, I was so impressed by your service.


The Sunday School Lesson

Child praying.

Child praying.

Teaching Sunday school one day I conducted an experiment. After I was done teaching, I invited the young children one by one to the front of the room with me and I would sit in one chair and they would sit in the one beside me. I would pretend to be the parent they attended church with.  I would then talk to them like I was their parent asking them, “What did you learn in Sunday school today?”  It was my creative way of having them tell me what they learned so I could see if they were really listening and if what I was teaching was interesting to them.

A sweet little girl bounced to the front, sat beside me and before I pretended to be her parent I said, “Who did you come to church with today?”  She replied,  “My daddy because my mom is mad at my dad and told him to get his butt out the door and take the kids to church.”

We all erupted in laughter.  I had a funny feeling I knew what everyone was going to remember hearing in class that day!  And it really reminded me to be careful what you say because there is always someone listening and you leave an impression on them.

Why do we complain about the job we chose?

I think it is important to step outside of our job once in a while and view it through a 90% lens. Literally take a mental step away from it and ask, “What is still good, why do I stay, etc.?” Observe it from a different angle. Sometimes we are so caught up in the stress, we forget to see what is still 90%. The reasons we wanted the job in the first place.

People will come up to me after a presentation and say, “You need to come and talk to my husband/wife – all they do is come home at the end of the day and complain.”

Why would they do that?

I received this email from Rick:

My wife always says to me “If you hate your job so much, why don’t you quit?” I asked her “Why do you think I hate my job?” She said, “Because you come home every night and complain.” I replied, “I don’t hate my job at all; actually I really like what I do.” She asked, “Then why do you complain?”

Darci my honest answer to her was “I don’t know.”

I got the answer in your presentation today. I complain about my job because it is a habit. I listened to my own father complain every night about his job and I listen to my coworkers in the staff room do the same. I am going to “lay that sucker out” and start appreciating my job. Maybe it is time to reframe what I learned at the dinner table. No wonder my own children complain about where they work! They have learned that from me.”

Vintage but true

I rarely watch television but I love a comedy movie. I believe in surrounding myself with positive books, movies, etc. You are what you surround yourself with.

One of my favorite movies is the 1987 classic, “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” starring Steve Martin and the late John Candy. If you haven’t seen this movie – you must! If you have, you will remember the hotel room scene. (I am not talking about the pillows, but that is very funny!) The scene where Steve Martin lashes out at John Candy telling him how worthless he is? I love the part where John Candy with full sincerity looks at Steve Martin and says, “My friends like me, my wife likes me, I am the real article, what you see is what you get.”


I just about dropped the phone!

Whenever I travel to or through Saskatoon, I always make a point of getting my meal at the Prairie Ink Restaurant at the McNally Robinson book store.  I call in my order and pick it up for my travels.  I love real food. I am very committed to my health and can not possibly keep my tank full with junk.

Prairie Ink Restaurant

Prairie Ink Restaurant

I love Prairie Ink’s black bean vege burger, their homemade soup, a green tea with one teaspoon of honey and two bottled waters – room temperature.  Same order every time.

I would say once every two months I call in this same order that I pick up and hit the road.  Second last order I call and get Hannah on the phone. I place my order, come in to pick it up, chat with this friendly young woman, tell her she does an awesome job and off I go.

Two months later, I call again.  I say “Oh good, Hi Hannah – you won’t remember me but my name is Darci and I picked up a take out order with you a couple of months ago, you were just great.”  I start to recite my order, “I will have a black bean vege burger…..” and before I can finish she says “with soup, green tea with honey and two bottled waters – not cold.”

I just about dropped the phone! I was so impressed by her memory.  It is so wonderful to meet people who are so sincere and caring.  Thank you Hannah!


A great smile goes a long way!

Our son John and I like to get up early Saturday morning and slip out of the house to have breakfast together before everyone else gets up.  We love to go to Perkins and we catch up on our lives as we play many games of Uno.  He is one of my favourite people to hang out with.

A while back at breakfast our waitress Bobbie Jo was simply amazing.  She had a permanent smile; nothing was a problem and was so incredibly friendly.

We went back again last week and low and behold – Bobbie Jo was our waitress.

John and I both agreed that she adds so much to our special mornings.   I always wonder why people would pick a job that has nothing to do with their personality. If you are called to a job that requires you to be a people person – it would be really helpful if you were one!

A great smile goes a long way!

A great smile goes a long way!