Everything is Great

We, as motivational speakers, leave the impression of who we are everywhere we go. And we do not get that back. I remember that the face I show the world should match the face that stares back at me in the mirror. I like to offer kindness and patience wherever I can.

Every banquet room set up is great. Even when it is nothing close to the diagram I sent, the client always hears, “It will work perfectly.”

Every meal they serve is “wonderful”.

What is the point in coming into the banquet centre demanding things to be different? What impression do we leave when we do not honor people for the effort they have made?

When Harry Met Sally

If you are old enough to remember the movie “When Harry met Sally”, you will remember that Sally was a very particular eater and liked to modify what was on the menu. I am known for this habit. I always want to modify something to make it healthier, add a salad etc. So the process is usually, the serving staff come to the table, I ask for the “modification”, they go the kitchen, they return with the answer to whether or not my request is granted.

This week, my modifications met with two very different responses. Both times the serving staff went into the kitchen to ask the chef if what I want is possible. In each case, I’m close enough to the kitchen to hear the response. The first one says, “Of course, tell her no problem at all.” The second chef replies, “No. Tell her to order off the menu.”

We need to remember that often your customers can hear the backroom conversations. What impression do you think I was left with of each restaurant?

Happiest People I Meet

The happiest people I meet in most workplaces sweep the floors. The person who comes out of a little room in the back corner of the building is often the one with the biggest smile. Isn’t that interesting? I personally think they have the meaning of life figured out. Go to a job that makes you happy, then go home and live your life.

Why Do You Live Here?

There is a man who lives by the local elementary school who clearly does not enjoy living near a school. He is constantly complaining about the soccer balls in his yard and the noise they make during recess. Why would you pick a house by a school, if you knew you were going to be annoyed by the children?

Why choose to be miserable? Make the choice to be happy and do what you need to do to make that happen.


teamworker smoothing out asphalt pavement for new road.

teamworker smoothing out asphalt pavement for new road.

There are three road workers working on the road in front of my home. Foreman #1 drives up to check on them. He barely makes eye contact with the men, he is frowning, rude and to the point. You can just see the dynamic of the group change. The men look defeated and annoyed.

An hour later… foreman #2 arrives. He is completely different. He addresses everyone by name, he was friendly, appreciative and you could tell he was someone who really cared about his employees. You could literally see a shift in their attitude and motivation.

Please don’t lead people if you are not a happy person. It is very hard to create a motivated, happy workforce if you are not that yourself.


In Daniel Seiberg’s book, “The Digital Diet” he wrote, “My wife used to call me ‘Glowworm’ because my face was always illuminated by a screen in bed.

He stopped bringing the laptop to bed and offers three simple tips:
1. Don’t charge your laptop, tablet or phone in the bedroom. Leave your bedroom your sanctuary.
2. Leave your devices in your pocket, bag or purse when dining with friends.
3. Share info with those you know and love in a more direct way – call, email or text – rather than posting on Facebook.
business woman working on bed with laptop in hotel at night. asian

Isn’t 90% Good Enough?

Most people I meet do a great job and are very proud of what they do. Yet many I meet still feel overwhelmed with the 10%s. Isn’t 90% good enough? We grow up with and work in workplaces with belief systems that we need to please everyone. They were wrong. You can’t. 90% is good enough!

Make Your 90% List

I think once in a while we need to reset ourselves and make a 90% list of what we enjoy about our jobs. Then we can draw from that list when we are depleted. I love meeting new people and hearing their stories, I love learning about other’s jobs, I love hotels, I love driving and I love being alone. Good thing I picked a job that requires all of those.


We don't jump in the elevator.
There is a sign in the elevator where the convention is being held. It is huge and bright yellow and reads, “If you jump in this elevator, you will be fined.” So when the 400 people arrive to hear me speak, I ask them, “Who has ever jumped in an elevator?” Two people put up their hands.

So we put up a sign for two people. It made me think.

Are you reacting to the 90% or the 10% in your business?

Three Words

Leslie Everett is a colleague of mine who is a branding expert. She asks audience members to pick three words that best describe them. Then she challenges them with, “Did you pick a job that had anything to do with the three words that describe you?” Great place to start when wondering what to do with your life.