Reminders For Leaders

Thank you Kevin and team for hiring me for the Coop Refinery today. I spoke with a group of leaders today who have a very important job of leading others in a tough physical job.

When a group of leaders and I get to share an afternoon together I like to remind them that great leaders need to do remember to:

Tell the story of their work from a 90% lens. Make sure the words they use at work and at home are positive. The impression we leave are the words that we use. We have to be careful to talk about our work in a positive way at work, at home and at the BBQ around strangers we haven’t met.

Lead by example. If my entrepreneurial friends say my staff are not happy I ask them, “Are you?” Are we showing up happy and grateful for our work so that we can empower them… by example…to do the same

Let people know they are good. Some of the people that I have employed/ been on my team have never heard they were good. They didn’t hear it at their dinner table growing up, in their marriage or from the last leader they worked for. It’s important that people are told they are doing a good job.

Send people home happy to their families. Work is only one part of our employees lives. Their family life is far more important that what they do at work all day.

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