Speaking and Travelling

Wow, I just finished speaking to the #differentiate conference. The conference was filled with young and emerging leaders from Conexus, Innovation and Cornerstone Credit Union. All I can say is watch out, these are some amazing young people.

I had the privilege of hearing Conexus CEO Eric Dillon speak to open the day. I have heard dozens and dozens of CEOs speak and Eric did such a wonderful job. What “differentiated” Eric is his style and connection with the young audience.

He did so much right to connect with them today. He dressed young and informal, he used hilarious every day language and even a couple of tasteful “bad words”. But what really set Eric apart is he told this young group about the times he was scared, complained at work and made mistakes. Too often we as leaders think we need to get up and tell everyone how successful we are and how much we have accomplished. It is hard for people to relate to you if they think that you have never failed. Not only did it make Eric relateable, it made him a real person — a person this young group could definitely aspire to become someday.

Kudos to Eric Dillon, I cant wait to hear him speak again.

Now I am off to sunny Kingston Ontario to speak to 550 Ontario East Municipal Conference attendees!

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