Spending today with Corrections Canada.

I totally admire people who choose the very challenging job of caring for and protecting people.

In order for me to not get worn down in my job as speaker (24 years later!), I am focused on ruthless self-care and what I can do to keep the woman in the mirror rested, nourished and taken care of.

If you have the important job of caring for people, young, elderly or inmates, what are you doing to keep yourself preserved and protected?

Are you sleeping enough, are you eating well, exercising, creating silence, watching and reading only positive 90% messages, hanging out with positive 90% people and leaving your problems (the 10%s) at the door so your family gets the best of you?

We chose our job so we must build our armour to go out and do them well and still have something left for ourselves and those we love.

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