Here’s a completely different way of coping and feeling good throughout Covid. Did you know that you have a natural “Good Mood Fluid” in your brain and body? It’s called Serotonin. When you have an ample supply of serotonin it puts you in a better mood and you are more likely to have a “glass is half-full” attitude. However, if your serotonin levels get depleted, you start to feel more pessimistic and anxious, and a “glass is half-empty” vibe starts to develop.
Guess what zaps your serotonin supply? Stress… Can you say Covid. Pre-Covid, many of us were already stressed and busy enough. Now, during Covid everything has changed, the way we work, socialize, stay well, support our family and the list goes on. Now, more than ever we need to get pro-active in supporting our Serotonin supplies.
How, do we do this?
Well, think of it like you are trying to start a car engine. (Just for fun, I used a picture of my first car and rock solid hair-line. Ha ha.) To do this you need to do three steps.
1. Fill the tank with gas
2. Add some extras like oil to make it run
3. Now all that’s left is to turn the key
In future posts, we’ll look at each of these three steps and help you understand how to rev up your Serotonin engine and keep you feeling good throughout Covid.