Thank You

Thank you so much for everyone who took the time (and invested their hard earned money!) to attend my event in Prince Albert today. Thank you for investing in your staff and in yourself by adding the Focus on the 90% tool to your personal and professional tool box!

When people say to me, “How are you so happy?” I answer, “It is work!!” Being negative is far easier than being positive. Positive is a constant commitment. You have to go to seminars, listen to podcasts, watch Ted talks, read positive books, watch positive television , eat healthy food and take care of yourself physically. That is work!

So coming to a seminar is one part. You have to keep working on it. You don’t go to one seminar and you are happy forever, you have to keep going to more!! Personal development is a commitment but if you do nothing to change the woman and man in the mirror; nothing in your life will change.

Thank you Prince Albert for “showing up” today and caring enough about your personal development to invest in yourself.

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