Off to Calgary today to work with ATB Financial! I have been speaking for 26 years this year. I run into a lot of people in the airports that are like me and travel all the time. Why would you pick a job that you knew would require travel and then complain about the traveling? Find the 90%s in travel. I LOVE an airport wait. I am so efficient and I use that time to catch up. I drink tea I didn’t make. If I am lucky, I will get a manicure. I eat a meal I didn’t cook. I get to sit on an airplane and relax and watch a movie. Its all 90%! Sure, there are 10%s that go with traveling every week but if that is all I saw I would be a very old and tired motivational speaker. What you focus on changes you. Focus on things that make you happy.

Mug of coffee with an airplane on the foam. Morning coffee with croissant in flight. Smrtrfonom and cup of coffee