What Have You Done?

If you have been following my posts about Nicole’s dad, Mel, I wanted to give you an update. I met Mel’s daughter, Nicole, earlier this year in sunny Dauphin, Manitoba and she told me how she and her family are celebrating their dad’s life as much as they can now while he is alive not at his funeral. I was so touched by her story that I sent a challenge out to all of you to plan something special for someone you love.

I decided to have a birthday party for my dad. My dad’s birthday party will take place October 7th and as part of my dad’s celebration, I want everyone to come ready to share what they love the most about my Dad. There will also be a book to write in so he can take that home read how much he is loved he is NO , not at his funeral in the far, far future. My family and I are all too busy to attend a birthday party but you know what, what are we waiting for?

So my friends, Mel wants to know what have you done? With Thanksgiving coming up, what can you do to celebrate someone you love in a special way? Please let us know. Mel is touched by all of your stories.

Big hug, Mel.

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