I am a very unplugged person. I do not get any notifications on my computer while I am working. I only receive text notifications my cell phone. (I have teenagers so this is how we communicate.) I am only on Facebook professionally, not personally as I this is not the way that I want to spend my time. I would rather have you come over for a visit! Of course, our technology has helped our businesses in so many ways, but it has also overwhelmed us.
I have been beyond blessed to have worked with the same admin assistant Sandra for 26 years. Sandra literally runs my office. I am so grateful to have her support. Having her allows me to unplug when I need to.
I have a wonderful creative, busy brain. I cannot switch gears back and forth from my work to my personal life. If I check a few emails in the evening, I am gone mentally for an hour.
Unplugging is hard for people I know. Some of you are on call, some of you have a demanding boss who expects you to be available at all times. It is essential to find ways to create more times away from technology. Overworking and being overly “plugged in” didn’t start overnight, so easing away from technology won’t happen overnight either.
Put boundaries around your technology. We have always had a no cell phones at dinner rule. What about if everyone turned off their phones for an hour an evening? What if you didn’t bring your laptop home on the weekends? Slowly start to phase away from work. Slowly start to regain peace in your life.
I had my cell phone stolen right out of my beach bag on the second day of our two-week vacation. Once the shock wore off, it was wonderful. It reminded me what I did before I had a phone and how many times a day, I would reach for it.
I wear a watch. I know, old school. But I wear one so I don’t have to look at my phone to see what time it is.
I meet a lot of overworked people. I know if they just learned to unplug, they would be a lot happier.
Have a great long weekend!!