Darci Lang Focus on the 90%

What Clients Say?

Your message was powerful and impactful. Every single person I have spoken to about your message was motivated and moved by something you said. I look forward to seeing the outcomes from choosing to see our lives through the lens of the 90%.

Brandon Carter

Conexus Credit Union

Thank you Darci for your engaging and empowering presentation at our recent employee professional development day. Your real world experiences and perspectives kept us all captivated and motivated to concentrate on the 90%!

Churchbridge Credit Union

Churchbridge Credit Union

Thank you for coming and speaking at our event. Everyone that I talked to loved your presentation, and were talking about it well after you were done. My hopes are that we all make some changes in our life to focus on the 90.

Alberta Energy Regulator
Mike Haltiner

Alberta Energy Regulator

Darci’s talk was the highlight of the Canadian Nuclear Industry Leadership Program, and don’t just take my word for it, that’s what the participants said (delegates from Bruce Power, CNSC, OPG, Cameco, etc.) and it’s why we had her back for the second year. In an industry where we sometimes focus to much on technical knowledge, Darci’s personal development and leadership message was exactly what we needed. Having Darci on your program means you’ll have an event that will be talked about and never forgotten.

Alex Fallon

Founder, Canadian Nuclear Industry Leadership Program (Hosted at McMaster University and UOIT)

Your session was the highlight for everyone at our PD Day. It is life changing for many, including me. Your energy and passion are contagious! Thank you so much!

MD Financial Management
Marc Lepage

MD Financial Ontario

You were everything I’d hoped you’d be. Thank you for the best experience. The office has been buzzing with “90 percent thoughts”. You definitely left a strong impression! You are impressive!

Wendy Newton

T and T Group of Companies

Your message was the buzz of the conference for the remaining 2 days. It was a real eye opener for most and a message we needed to hear to remind us of what is important and what we should be focusing our energy on.

CHES Alberta
Peter Jarvis

CHES Alberta

I have already received so many positive responses! Thank you for making our special staff day an opportunity for real bonding between staff and management. You have such a glowing personality that it was easy for everyone to draw you and your message into their hearts.

Prairie Branches Saskatchewan
Colleen Friesen

Prairie Branches Saskatchewan

I truly believe your positive energy, sense of humour and ability to relate to the group you were speaking to, motivated them as they returned to work.

Erin Tibble

Maximize Conference Committee Member

From the beginning stages of planning, to the personalization of her message, to her presentation at our Annual General Meeting – working with Darci and her team was an absolute pleasure. I would highly recommend Darci and look forward to working with her in the future.

Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce
Deneen Everett

Executive Director | Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce

Darci kept our staff team of 130 engaged and reminded all of us of how critical it is to Focus on the 90% in our day to day lives.

Cosmopolitan Industries
Denise Young

Program Director | Cosmopolitan Industries Ltd.

Darci was able to quickly gauge our team members and adapt when needed. Her words were inspiring and authentic; everyone in attendance was able to relate to her hardships and accomplishments. There were many moments of silence, laughter and tears; we have never seen our team members more connected.

Wild Rose Co-op
Crystal Zinck

Human Resources Manager | Wild Rose Co-operative Association Ltd

Darci Lang was the highlight of our annual operations conference; she personalized her message to appeal to a diverse audience that included field technicians and head office employees. Darci’s energetic presentation was uplifting and reminded us to focus on the positive – that is, the 90%.

CHES Alberta
Crystal Helbrecht

AltaGas Utilities Inc.

Darci came to the community of Sault Ste. Marie, which has been hard hit by economic challenges, bringing with her message of Focusing on the 90% has been able to plant the seeds for a future change in direction and realization of how powerful a positive attitude can change your life, lives of others and even a community.

CHES Alberta
Rory Ring, CEO

Sault Ste. Marie Chamber of Commerce

Darci’s approachability, straightforwardness and professionalism are second to none. I heard from many who attended her sessions that they were inspired, motivated to make change, and appreciative of how blessed they are.

CHES Alberta
Todd Robinson, Director of Education

Lloydminster Public School Division

We so enjoyed having you as our kickoff speaker – I’ve been doing this for 15 years with CCEC and I can’t recall another speaker who was as entertaining and inspirational as you were. It’s a rare speaker that can talk for 100 minutes and leave the stage with the audience still wanting more!

CHES Alberta
Shelley Morris

Chamber of Commerce Executives of Canada

Everyone thought that you were truly amazing, it really made a lot of people open their eyes and realize what a great place we work at!!

Sharlene Myketiak, Maintenance Supporting Trades Planner


  • Darci Lang was absolutely awesome. What an amazing speaker!
  • The opening speaker and keynote speakers were absolutely fantastic!
  • Darci's talk was amazing!

CHES Alberta

Ontario Hospital Association, Conference for Administrative Professionals

Darci Lang is an engaging, entertaining and powerful speaker whose message about ‘Focusing on the 90%’ is clear, insightful, sobering, and most of all, important. She is sincere, articulate, and uses humour as a velvet glove to drive her powerful message home.

CHES Alberta
Karen Raitz, CHRP - Director, Corporate Services

AltaGas Utilities Inc.

Darci’s message perfectly aligned with our Brand messaging. Two weeks has past and our team is still bringing up the key points from Darci’s presentation. I would strongly recommend Darci to you and your team!

CHES Alberta
Greg Sarvis

Riverbend Co-op

Many approached me thanking for inviting Darci and shared that this short session changed the way they look at their profession and personal lives. Darci’s energy is contagious!

CHES Alberta
Katia Despot, Senior Education Manager

UBC Interprofessional Continuing Education

Your ability to inspire change within our group, through the concept of "Focusing on the positive 90%" in their careers and everyday lives opposed to the negative 10%, was both creative and effective.

CHES Alberta
Darrell LaBoucan

Ironworkers International

Working with Darci and her team was so easy and she captured our needs precisely with our team through careful preparation and understanding of our goals as a team. She was so engaging that our group continued to discuss and use the tools and learning long after her session with us.

CHES Alberta
Jeff Sampson

Northwest Employment Works, Confederation College

Darci has a simply message that WILL change the way you see things and appreciate life. Focusing on her 90% theory has made my life that much better.

Patrick Pelletier CSP/PPSC

Facilitator for Service Canada College

I think she was awesome. It was a great down to earth battery recharge.

CHES Alberta

Redhead Equipment

Darci is an awesome speaker – her message resounded with our employees, inspiring them and in some cases moving them to tears! Your message, caring demeanor and thoughtfulness are unmatched! Thank you for making this our best staff conference yet!

CHES Alberta
Kathy Irwin

Innovation Credit Union

Darci's powerful message was very well-received by our group. In a satisfaction survey completed by about 200 of our guests, Darci's rating was 97%! Darci relates very well to the audience and I have heard nothing but amazing feedback!

CHES Alberta
Lacey Gerbrandt

Connect Womens Conference

I knew from seeing Darci previously that her message would resonate with my entire employee group. The reactions were so positive, I have witnessed a turnaround in the attitudes from a couple of my young guys.

New Horizon Co-op
Laurie Gronhovd, General Manager

New Horizon Co-op