Energy Realignment

Acupuncture is an energy realignment for me – one of the many things I do to be healthy. Not only does it help what my body needs, I get needles in my face to help with aging!!

Raise Your Mood

Pitbull music starts a party. It is my go-to in the yard for summer parties. I love listening to salsa, bachata and Pitbull to raise my mood. One of the only two things left on my bucket list is to see Pitbull live in Vegas with my girlfriends!

Add Positive Energy

If you want to quickly add positive energy to a room and change it up, flowers and plants are the way to go.

I love going to our local Dutch Growers and wandering around.

My home is filled with tropical plants; in the summer, I put palms and ferns in the pots in our yard. Instant tropics!!

Find Your Eden

I call my home my Eden.

I love my home so much. Darren and I have renovated every inch of our house. I love decorating magazines, decorating shows, and fixing things up. I love candles and essential oils. The balance to my full work life is to come home and cocoon in my home.

Connect With Others For Support

I have a dream job – 90% of the time! Being a speaker means when you leave the stage and come home – you work alone! It is really important that you stay plugged into your national or provincial associations for support. I have been speaking for over thirty years. a proud member of my CAPS group for over 20 years, and blessed to be a Hall of Fame Inductee.

Take Care of Yourself

I am so blessed to be able to take care of, me. There was a time in my life I would never have had the means. It makes me extra grateful. I love spa services – some of you may have massage credits from your benefits plan at work that you don’t use, what?? Get them booked in!! I love Jane Iredale makeup, Aveda products, and the BEAUTY COUNTERS charcoal mask.

Matching My Theme

I buy a ring from Hillberg & Berk every year to go with my chosen theme. I dress very simply. I do not like shopping – at all!

I buy mostly dresses and sparkle them up a bit with earrings and bracelets, and I wear one ring a year. Rachel started Hillberg and Berk right here in Regina, Sask!

Save Time

I LOVE getting ready to speak. It is one of the few times I wear makeup!! To avoid the time I would spend shopping in person, I order from Bev Rist, and it arrives in my mailbox. It works so well for my skin – and my schedule!

We Are Connected

There are times in life when it doesn’t matter where you come from, what you look like, or what you do – we are connected.

I love the times when I look around and think we are all the same here, right now, in our shared experience. It creates a level playing field. So it is when we rally for a cause, in a circle at a support group meeting, or waiting in a paper gown for a mammogram. We are all the same when sitting in the emergency ward, lying on a bed going into surgery or waiting in a doctor’s office with a sick child.

We are all the same, holding our sick pet at the vet or waiting in a dark airport for a delayed flight. Yet, in those times, we are connected by our shared experiences.

Share your experience where you have felt the same and where you are in that moment is the same as everyone around you.

Happy International Day of Happiness!

“Happiness cannot be travelled to, owned, earned,
worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual
experience of living every minute with love, grace
and gratitude.”
Denis Waitley

I honestly think that being satisfied with what you have is one of the secrets to happiness. If we view our life through a lens of “what I don’t have,” we only see the unhappiness, the negative 10%s. But, if we learn (keyword “learn”) to move our magnifying glass to appreciate what we do have, we start to see the positive 90%s.
As a happy person, being happy is most definitely an inside job. Being happy is something I WANT to be. So let’s celebrate the positive things in our life today, and remember to find the time to invest in your happiness. You deserve to live your best life.

Simple small actions that make someone’s day a little brighter, like a hug, a kind word or a helping hand, is all it takes.