Technology today blows my mind!! I am so completely and utterly amazed by it today. How is it possible that my vehicle can read back the text you have sent me…? Google Earth… What? How can my doorbell camera show up on my phone…? And is it possible that the weather channel knows what kind of boots I was shopping for only ONE sec. ago that are now on sale…? I can Shazam, Translator, a song? Anyone who works in the tech industry, I have to say, is a genius with everything at our fingertips today.
I opened my browser on my laptop today and was completely overwhelmed with all of the online ad’s.
Tech wifi on the plane, people complaining about wifi, can we focus on the fact this tube stays in the air? Remember when that was amazing? We have come a long way and I am grateful on many levels of the unlimited access today.
As addicting as it is to have this technology at our fingertips, let’s remember to find some time in the day for ourselves, put our phones down, tuck the laptop away, turning our computers off, unplug and recharge.