It has felt like a heavy September so far. There is sadness in our world, in our province and close to home, and it comes to us in many forms. It came to me recently by attending a child’s funeral, and I hope never to experience that level of sadness again.
We read, hear and deal with tragedies, but what if we reduced the time we spend learning more about them and focused that time on what we can do to help instead? We spend so much time focused outward.
We spend so much time and money on our appearances, homes and businesses but do we take the time to spend on our inner selves? Spend more time on what you can do to be a better human being. So, then you can help more human beings. We focus on the external world, but what about the internal one? When you are a full, rested, nourished person, you can fill others from that place.
Pay attention to what is taking your time and attention away from taking care of you. Then ask yourself, what could I do slightly better to feel better?
When you feel better, you act better. So, when I am kinder to myself, I have the love and energy to share kindness with others.
The world needs kindness. Your community needs kindness. Your team members need kindness. But, most importantly, the people you love that are hurting need you. Are you going to show up for them?