Use the Good China!

Years ago, I was out walking my dog, and there was a garage sale in my neighbourhood. I stopped because everything they had seemed new and in packages.
There were beautiful crystal glasses still in their box, china dishes that had never been used and satin pyjamas still in the package. As I touched those beautiful things, I asked the person hosting the sale why everything was still in the original packaging. He replied, “My mom just passed away, and these are all her beautiful things. She never used the good things; they stayed on the shelf and in the drawer.”
I walked away, and it made me feel so sad. That beautiful soul did not want to use the good things in her life. Why not? And now it is all being sold at a garage sale. My grandma had shelves of dishes we had never used.
Why do we pull out the good things just on holidays? Why the heck don’t we use them every day? Use the good stuff. This Christmas season, haul out the glasses, use the dishes and sleep in the silk pyjamas. Then, when the Christmas season is over, leave it all out to use every day.
Life is way too short not to use the beautiful things we have.