This month, it’s all about YOU – taking care of and loving you. In order to show up and love others fully, you must have energy, feel good and love yourself first. So, how do we do that? Well, let me share what has worked for me.

For me, it’s a combination of mental and physical go-tos. On the mental side, it’s training my sweet little brain on how to be positive and think good thoughts, and, of course, knowing that complaining only increases your negative energy. On the physical side, my four go-tos are sleep, exercise, nutrition and meditation. Sounds easy right! This month I will be running a video series highlighting how each one of these components has changed my life, helping me show up for myself and others.

Here is a sneak peek of what I share on the six videos.

The first video will teach you how to handle the negative thoughts that come into your brain by shepherding them away from your 90%s so they don’t hijack your day! The next video will teach you to talk more about what you are grateful for and remind you that complaining more than three times about something is your trigger to “lay that sucker out!”

Sleep is sanity. Learning how to identify what actions you are taking during the day that makes you tired and understanding how a night of great sleep is one way to show up for you this month. Exercise is a non-negotiable routine for me, as I believe you can’t be mentally well, unless you are physically well. It is also therapy for me, and I share ways how to find time to fit this in; trust me, you are worth it! Enhancing nutrition is key to me feeling my optimum self, and it is a journey! Balancing nutrition is a key component to loving yourself, and I share how doing this has helped me show up! Finally, quieting my brain through meditation helps me to slow down, unleash and capture my creativity and feel grounded. It’s been a real game-changer for me.

So, this month, take the time to invest in and focus on you. Just try it; you’ll be happy you did!

Show up for important you.