If we laid our stress out like a bumper sticker or like the “new driver” sign on the back of your car, what would it look like? “Been through a divorce,” “Just lost a child,” etc. What would your bumper sticker say?
Our problems do not go away; they just grow into bigger problems if we don’t try and resolve them! It is time to see what your bumper sticker would say and lay that sucker out…
I speak from the experience of carrying around my own stresses for years until I finally had to say enough!
It is time to realize that if this is my reality and I can’t change it, what can I do to make it better?
What “suckers” do you have to lay out?
What would your bumper sticker say…?
Choosing to deal with what is on your bumper sticker is hard, but it has the opportunity to change your life.
Let’s lay our suckers out!